• Fraud calls have become a big problem worldwide including India
  • Google will roll out the verified calls feature

Now, who is calling you, Google will tell you this. Yes, Google will now tell users, who is calling? Google will not only tell the name of the person making the call but will also show the reason for calling and the logo of the caller. Actually, Google is working on the verified calls feature.

Indian users will get this facility first

According to the news from some reliable sources, a bid has been made by Google for the Swedish flagship Truecaller. After which Google will introduce this app in a new way. This feature of Google will be rolled out to Indian users in the first phase. It will also be offered as a pilot project in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain.

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Why Indian first

In the era of digitalization, India is still facing issues. Most of the Indians are not aware of these fraud calls and they don’t even know the side-effects of sharing personal data or any bank details and this is the reason why India needs this service the most.

Fraud phone calls will be controlled

The purpose of this feature of Google is to curb fraud phone calls. At this time fraud calls have become a major problem worldwide. In such a situation, Google’s verified calls feature will help in controlling such problems after the rollout. Also, users can be saved from the fraudster.

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Google alerts about unknown messages

Only last year, Google gave an SMS re-verification feature to its users. Through which unknown messages can be verified. A study in the US and Brazil found that verified SMS increased consumer confidence in brands. Google has partners including Neustar, Five9, Vonage, Aspect, Bandwidth, Prestus, Telecall, and JustCall, which are used to verify calls. #24x7newsalert