Delhi court has banned the publication of a book based on the rape convict Asaram. The next hearing of the case will be held on 30 September. The book is titled Gunning for the Godman: The True Story Behind Asaram Bapu’s Conviction, written by IPS officer Ajay Lamba along with writer Sanjeev Mathur.

It was Ajay Lamba who investigated the Asaram case and arrested him. This book is related to the trial of this case. It was to be published on Saturday, September 5, by Harper Collins. Asaram is serving life imprisonment in Jodhpur jail of Rajasthan.

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On Friday, September 4, the court stayed the book on the petition of Asharam’s associate Sanchita Gupta. Sanchita Gupta was also convicted along with Asaram.

What was the argument against the book?

The court said on behalf of Sanchita Gupta that an excerpt from the book published in the scroll website is defamatory and may affect her appeal in the Rajasthan High Court against her conviction. In court, Sanchita’s lawyer Vivek Aggarwal said that the content of the book is different from the trial record. He also claimed that the book “gives a unilateral account of events”.

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What did the court say?

Additional District Judge RL Meena said, “Some parts of the said article, which mention the plaintiff (Sanchita Gupta) and defy the said paragraph, while the matter is in court.” He said, “The reputation of the plaintiff is at stake and this can cause such a loss which will not be repaid.” Therefore, the defendants are prevented from publishing the book until the next hearing. “

Asaram and Narayan Sai

In 2013, two Surat-based sisters accused Asaram and his son Narayan Sai of separate rape and illegal confinement. In April 2019, the lower court of Surat sentenced Narayan Sai to life imprisonment. The younger sister had accused Narayan Sai of raping her in the ashram between 2002 and 2005. At the same time, Asaram was found guilty in a separate case of raping a 16-year-old minor girl in April 2018. He is currently lodged in Jodhpur jail. #24x7newsalert

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