What is PUBG?

PUBG means PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. By the way, the modernization of the language is in this, that instead of translating a new word, it should be taken as a tit in its own language. But even if you translate the name of the game as an understanding, it will become a ‘battle ground of unknown player’. This is a battle royale game in which 100 people land on an island. Then there is a fight among all players. Ultimately, the one who survives is called Alexander. And he gets “Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner”.

PUBG gameplay

Why PUBG was banned?

The Government of India has banned 118 Chinese mobile apps. In this, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are also included. The government says that these apps were either stealing data or transferring the data of Indian users to servers located outside the country.

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The government has banned these apps not as Chinese, but as ‘Malicious’. But even when all the apps on the list are Chinese, the question arises whether PUBG’s mobile game is Chinese or not. The answer is neither in ‘yes’ nor in ‘no’. Let’s understand in detail.

PUBG Mobile’s connection with China

A few months ago, when the government had banned 59 Chinese apps, there was a noise that PUBG mobile is also Chinese and it should be banned as well. This debate of Chinese and non-Chinese has been going on since then. So, let’s take a look at the Chinese connection to PUBG Mobile without spending your time.

PUBG’s creator is Brendan Green. And the game is developed by PUBG Corporation. It is part of Bluehole Corporation of South Korea. The year was 2017. Then PUBG existed as a computer game in addition to gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox. The mobile game was not made yet.

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PUBG created a record as soon as it was released. It was dominated everywhere. The game reached China as well and people in India liked it too. But there was a problem. The Chinese government said that there is a lot of bloodshed in it, so it has to be banned. Then the Chinese company Tencent Holdings entered. It makes apps and games, etc. Tencent told the Chinese government that they, along with Bluehole, would make this game according to China. The government agreed and the work got underway.

Tencent Games, the gaming company of Tencent Holdings, bought a stake in Bluehole’s PUBG Corporation for around 11%. Along with making Chinese games, Tencent also took license from PUBG Corporation to make games for mobile. The mobile version of PUBG was released in the year 2018. And then you know the story ahead. But since PUBG Mobile is quite a heavy game, its light version ‘PUBG Mobile Light‘ was also launched so that people with budget phones can play it too.

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PUBG mobile Lite


PUBG’s computer, PS4, and Xbox games are completely South Korean. But the Chinese company has some percentage stake in PUBG’s mobile game. And the other thing is about the game running in China, then there is a stake of the Chinese company in every kind of PUBG. #24x7newsalert