The love and regard for pickles transcend time and relishing a good pickle is an art in itself. In India, pickles originate from every part of this culturally diverse land. From Kerala to West Bengal- every region offers something unique and rich in heritage. For food-lovers and pickle enthusiasts, India is truly a haven. 

Growing up, we must have all enjoyed our mother’s tangy and spicy pickles that are stored in ceramic urns. This summer, It is most likely that you are in search of some exciting pickles to try, and are in a fix.

Well, we decided to help you out by narrowing the perfect list for you. Here are 10 varieties of pickles that you must try this summer. We assure you that these summer-friendly pickles will turn out to be a blockbuster hit amongst your family members.

Sweet Lime Pickle
This popular condiment has been part of the Indian cuisine for a long time with a fan-base spanning generations. It is prepared with lemons, chilli powder, and other spices. Sweet and sour, it is packed with a burst of flavours. It goes great with lentils, curries, vegetable biryani, rice, stuffed flatbreads, and naan. Making this pickle may seem difficult, but buying Sweet Lime Pickle isn’t. Now, go get your pack of happiness today!

Green Chilli Pickle
Green Chilli Pickle is a lip-smacking North Indian style delicacy that originates in Rajasthan. It is prepared with fresh green chilies, mustard seeds, and lemon juice. This goes very well as a condiment with simple Indian dishes like dal-rice, curd-rice, veg pulao, and roti-sabzi. It enhances the overall taste of the simplest of meals. So, if you are looking for a pickle that will pack a powerful punch, then buy your pack of Green Chilli Pickle.

Rajasthani Sweet Lime Pickle 
Ingredients made from quality sun-ripened limes and then spiced with special, this ancient recipe acts as a great condiment to the rich taste of local dishes from Rajasthan. This spicy, hot, yet sweet accompaniment is best served with Indian bread like naan, kulcha, and rotis. This pickle is a classic because it gives a burst of flavours. It will surely leave you feeling refreshed, and wanting more. So, go get your pack of Rajasthani Sweet Lime today!

Citron Pickle
This is a tangy pickle prepared with Citron or otherwise called Narthangai. This pickle is sour and emerges from the southern parts of the nation. What stands out in this accompaniment is that it has a lot of medical properties. It aids digestion, helps ease nausea, and it is a rich source of Vitamin-C. Best served with curd rice, it enhances your meal by offering a rich, authentic taste. It is perfect for summer, for your family to enjoy, so don’t hesitate to get your pack of Citron Pickle.

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Bengali Mango Pickle 
This tangy and tasty mixed pickle contains an assortment of regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables. A typical Bengali “Mishali”, this pickle has the authentic taste of Bengal and offers a rich taste of the mangoes. From curd rice to Indian bread- you can eat it with the dish of your choice. Get transported to your childhood with the pack of Bengali Mango Pickle today!

Gujarati Gorkeri Pickle 
Originating from the kitchens of Gujarat, this tasty pickle reflects the true flavour of the region. The name of this dish comes from jaggery, referred to as ‘gol’ and mangoes that are called ‘Keri’. Made with the superb combination of succulent mangoes, sugar, and carefully selected spices, this pickle goes well along with theplas, bhakris, mathris, khakras, or just plain roti. Gorkeri Pickle is a condiment that will become a staple once you try it this summer, so go check it out already.

Gujrati Choondo Pickle 
This delectable side dish is customary in all Gujarati households and holds a special place in their cuisine. It is a wonderful dish that will satisfy the craving of every food enthusiast. It is made with shredded mangoes dried under the sun and mixed with spices and seasoning. This is a simple dish that reflects the rich heritage of the region. Choondo Pickle works great alongside bread, rice, theplas, and mathris. So, go check it out today.

Maharashtra Mango Pickle 
Maharashtra Mango Pickles are a delicacy that is blended to perfection to remind you of the Marathi Lonche. Maharashtra Mango Pickle uses mangoes hand-picked from the Ratnagiri province of Konkan Coast to provide that genuine taste. It is then spiced and seasoned with flaming red Byadgi Chillies, Methi, Mustard, and Hing. Sounds mouth-watering, right? Now, it’s time to stock up on this delicious pickle!

Punjabi Pachranga Pickle 
Dripping with traditional flavours and exotic taste, this pickle is famous in the parts of Punjab. It is made using five ingredients that include raw mangoes, chickpeas, lotus stem, karonda, and amla or lime. Besides these, spices are added to give the additional flavour. You can serve this condiment alongside Parathas and rotis. Punjabi Pachranga Pickle will tantalize your taste buds for sure!

Kerala Vadu Mango Pickle 
A pickle that stems from god’s own country- Kerala, this special is a pan-Indian delight. It is made using delicate Kanni Mangoes picked in time and then spiced with chili powder, methi, hing. You can serve it with curd rice, and steamed rice. If you were craving for a spicy condiment all this while, then this pickle is your best friend! So try your hand at Kerala Vadu Mango Pickle now for the ultimate summer experience.

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What are the benefits of eating pickles?

Remember the days when food tasted so bland that you almost skipped a meal? But your day got saved by the one and only- ACHAR! Not only do pickles pair up great with every meal they also come with great benefits. You don’t believe this, do you?

Every time you added a spoonful of pickle to your plate, did you ask yourself, “How much pickle is too much pickle?” If yes, then here’s a blog to help you eat pickle guilt-free.

Pickle always seems to be adding drama and dynamism to our dishes. One thought that does raise an alarm is the ingredients that go into making a pickle. We have some recipes that have been handed down over the generations or we just pick a jar from the shelf.

Pickling is the process of preserving food and mostly done with chopped vegetables or fruits with spices. You will be surprised to know that pickles come with a lot of nutritional value that is beneficial to health. So let’s begin to know more about the health benefits of achar!

A pickle a day brings antioxidants your way!
While age is just a number we don’t mind slowing down the process, do we? Here’s a thing about pickles, they are loaded with antioxidants. And if you aren’t aware of the miracles antioxidants bring to your body, do you even care about your skin? Pickles have raw and unripe ingredients which are a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the molecules that slow down the process of aging by maintaining the level of oxidants with or without free radical action.

It makes you a better fighter!
We are not talking about taking a punch to the gut. We are talking about your immune system. The all-rounder ingredient that no dish can go without- turmeric is an important item in the making of the pickle. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that boost your immunity, therefore makes you invulnerable to most diseases. So every time you chew on that pickle, remember this winning health benefit of pickles.

Soak in vitamins and vital minerals
Pickles supply your body with vital minerals and vitamins. Especially the pickles made with leafy vegetables like curry leaves, fenugreek, coriander, mint, spinach. And we are talking about star nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K, iron, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients might be missed out on our daily diet but now thanks to achar you don’t have to worry.

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Good for diabetics
Pickle made with vinegar helps in reducing blood sugar level which in turn improves blood haemoglobin. The presence of acetic acid helps you to maintain your sugar levels. Although if you have diabetes try to stay away from salted pickles as they increase blood pressure. In all, a certain amount of pickle might just be helpful for a lot of diabetic patients.

Brings out the burps!
Since our Indian thali has so much variety we need something that curbs the aftermath of a heavy meal. That is one of the reasons why pickle has become a part of every meal. Our stomach produces certain probiotic bacteria that help digest our flood. Our Indian pickles stimulate the growth of such bacteria which helps to evade certain digestive problems. If you are a big fan of gooseberry aka amla pickle then you are in for a treat! Gooseberry is alkaline in nature that helps in strengthening and clearing the digestive system.

Long live the liver!
Liver health can be improved with amla pickle as it contains hepatoprotective properties that protect and makes the liver stronger. You can avoid a lot of liver damages if you have a pickle and keep this organ healthy.

Get over a hangover
All those fun nights sometimes result in a rough morning the next day. We have all been there where we had a little too much fun the last night. Well, now we have a cure for those sickening hangovers. Pickles help in replenishing the depleted level of sodium. It also helps in rehydration so that your body can absorb water more efficiently.

So here are some of the benefits of a pickle a day. Now you can eat achar to your heart’s delight but make sure your pickle portion is an adequate amount. So keep your health close and pickles closer.

Now that you have scrolled through some of the most interesting pickles you could try this summer, there’s just one thing left for you to do- Try them before summer bids goodbye. We are sure that this will make your family dinner table routine an exciting and fun affair. #KhabarLive #hydnews