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Hyderabadi Foodies, who always on the look for a new experience, an adventure like nothing they’ve seen before, Ohri’s Serengeti is the perfect place that would tick all the boxes. Intrigued by the jungles in Africa, we designed a forest theme restaurant so wild animals come to life while foodies gorge on the best North Indian food in Hyderabad. A fine dining experience worth relishing at Serengeti.

1Despite it coming into existence a while ago, not many knew giving this place a visit is an experience by itself. Dining in a beautifully lit jungle with a seating on the machan with a giraffe peeping out offers an unmatched experience, an adventure dinner in a specially-curated setting.

The jungle-themed restaurant offers customers an experience of being in a lush, rustic space, with plush interiors being complemented by wooden tables, foliage all over the walls, animal print furniture and the aesthetic dim lighting.

The ambiance is calm and peaceful, ideal for a fun dinner with family or friends, especially great for hosting parties. You can blindly choose this restaurant to take your partner on a cosy, romantic dinner date with the table and the place all decked up with flowers and balloons for you.

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5d0870ebc3fb911717a7d2fd 1560834283652The food was exceptional, with Lahori chicken being one of the main attractions. For those who are hesitant to explore the menu, there are usual items of butter chicken and dal tadka, but the place is such that it invokes a spirit of adventure. It is recommended that the visitor try some of the lesser known dishes like Martaban ka meat and Zafrani Gosht biryani, not to forget asking their service staff to get their exclusive starters.

Infused with Lucknowi masalas, the kebabs, grilled meat is scrumptious, that you end up asking for more. The breads here deserve a special mention. Often sidekicked, one try of the breads menu, it is no surprise even if it forces you to put rice aside. Having spoken about the breads and the starters, the icing on the cake is their Jouzi halwa, a Hyderabadi sweet dish that takes about 16 hours to cook!

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3c2481cc14f2d6a90e1dd07fdbe8a534 1608281236Though a serving may not look too big, devouring the whole of it is a feat. This dish tastes like a richer variant of paalkova but is sweeter and a lot heavier.

There is ample parking space, and the service is impeccable. Food here is served with a lot of love. The time spent at the restaurant passes quickly and effortlessly. A must visit for those who love relishing rich, tasty food and themes.

Popular Dishes: Lahori Murgh Tikka, Nihari Gosht, Roti Ki Tokri, Dahi Ke Kebab. The price for two: Rs 1,500 (approx) and timings: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm; 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm at Road number 12 in Banjara Hills of Hyderabad. #KhabarLive #hydnews