With just over 10 days to go for the Graduate MLC elections scheduled, #KhabarLive spoke to some of the graduate voters to know voters’ expectations from Graduate MLC elections. Majority of the graduate voters contacted expressed their concerns over growing unemployment in the state and lack of visible steps to fill vacant government jobs.

One of the voters said that there were many graduates and postgraduates who were waiting for the government notification for the exams, especially Group 1 services. They alleged that the Telangana government had failed to provide Group-1 job notification since the state’s formation.

Umesh Kumar, one of the voters, said, “Lakhs of people are unemployed. Highly qualified people are settling with less preferred jobs with lesser wages. Being a postgraduate, I expect my government to release the job notifications at least twice a year“.

As a first-time graduate voter, I see these elections are very important ones as these are the reflection on how the educated ones think. As a youngster, my expectations are clear; whoever assumes office should be able to fulfill the aspirations of youngsters as half of the voters this time are youngsters. As a country today we’re witnessing unemployment rate at an all-time high. So, it is very important and crucial for every candidate to come up with an action plan about how are they going to accommodate and help the unemployed youth, either by creating more jobs, or giving self employment assistance; any specific objectives on this will be my expectations“, said Shashidhar Vuppala, IT professional and first-time voter in the Graduate MLC election.

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Since my graduation, the cause of separate statehood movement has inspired me and led me to actively participate in the Telangana movement believing that we could get decent jobs, opportunities. I am saying that I am a postgraduate student, but could not find a decent job related to my education in these seven years of governance. Without support from the government, I am still continuing my livelihood as a self-employed person. In this situation, how could you expect me to vote for you?” Surender Thallapelly, a self-employed youth from Hyderabad, asked the graduate MLC TRS candidates.

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Bhavabhuthi, an IT employee, said, “The candidates should work to get the government fill up vacancies, which are already identified. They should also work for creating more jobs and public skill development centres“.

Vinay Vangala, an activist from Hyderabad, said, “MLCs are empowered to take quick decisions in the interests of the public since they are educated and qualified. Unfortunately there are no such decisions taken so far. There are lots of expectations from MLCs because they are intellectuals. Wish we see they influence the large number of citizens with their skill set and make a better society in future“. 

On the other hand, political parties and contestants of Graduate MLC elections are reportedly bombarding graduate voters with voice and text messages seeking votes.

According to voters in several areas, they have been receiving non-stop requests for votes from contestants.

Some candidates are even sharing web links through text messages, which directly take the one clicking them to a dedicated page or profile or YouTube video about the candidate, according to voters.

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One of the text messages from Graduate MLC TRS candidate reads, “Kindly cast your first (1) preferential vote to Smt Surabhi Vani Devi, TRS party MLC candidate against S.No 4 in ballot paper“.

Another text from Graduate MLC BJP candidate reads, “Kindly cast your first (1) preferential vote to N Ramchander Rao, BJP MLC candidate against S.No 3 in ballot paper“.

Ever since technology has become the cornerstone, it has both pros and cons. However, political parties are taking full advantage of it, especially during electioneering. It is quite annoying to receive numerous calls and SMS asking to vote. However, this has started right from the enrollment. It would be appreciated if every candidate/party send their objectives/manifestos, instead of advertising their own party“, said Shashidhar Vuppala, a first-time graduate MLC voter.

Sai Teja, a voter from Hyderabad, said, “I am pissed off with the advertisements and calls from parties. I am also surprised; even though my mobile number is on ‘Full DND’, I have got such messages“. #KhabarLive #hydnews