The ruling TRS party’s poll strategy goes beyond imagination. Always they do something new and tricky to confuse opposition. There is no doubt that TRS working president KT Rama Rao’s silence regarding the Huzurabad assembly by-election is creating ripples across the political spectrum.

KTR is usually politically very active, but has been surprisingly aloof over the Huzurabad by-poll, and this is creating a buzz.

Meanwhile, the TRS cadre is confident that KTR will participate in the campaign.

TRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has handed over complete responsibility of Huzurabad by-election to Finance Minister T Harish Rao who is considered a “trouble-shooter”. KTR too has emerged as the trouble-shooter for the TRS during the last Assembly elections.

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“KCR believes deploying two trouble-shooters for the Huzurabad Assembly by-election may be overkill,” say TRS sources. The sources add that KCR wants to avoid any confusion and favours campaign strategy being implemented from a single source.

“KCR believes that too many cooks spoil the broth,” said a senior TRS leader.

As of now, other Ministers from the erstwhile Karimnagar district – Gangula Kamalakar and Koppula Eswar – will help Harish Rao in implementing his election strategy.

“KCR has given a free hand to Harish Rao. The Chief Minister’s only goal is to win the Huzurabad by-election,” the senior TRS leader said.

It may be remembered that Harish Rao was once a close friend of present BJP leader Eatala Rajendar, who many believe will be named by the BJP as its candidate. TRS candidate Gellu Srinivasa Yadav was once considered a staunch supporter and a key leader in the Eatala camp, when the latter was in the TRS.

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Both Harish Rao and Srinivasa Yadav are familiar with Eatala’s thought process and his political strategy.

It may have been for this reason that KCR reposed his trust in Harish Rao and Srinivasa Yadav to win Huzurabad, and his strategy appears to be working.

Already, Harish Rao has managed to rope in some important local leaders who were staunch followers of Eatala into the TRS fold. These local leaders had expressed support for Eatala when he was dismissed from the State Cabinet.

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A senior TRS leader said if the responsibility of the Huzurabad Assembly by-election campaign was handed over to KTR, the party cadre and leaders would be focussed on the IT Minister. This would have made it difficult for Harish Rao to implement his strategies.

It may be remembered that when KCR contested from Karimnagar Lok Sabha seat, it was Harish Rao who played a key role in the campaign. At that time too, KTR maintained a stoic silence, and it was all part of the strategy, said a veteran TRS leader. #KhabarLive #hydnews