Knowing what users love is essential if you want to grab the attention of potential customers and stand out from the competition. Our company follows trends in digital marketing and uses various tools to make the site effective and bring profit to our clients.

Content visualization

Over the decade, user preferences have changed markedly due to close communication with various technologies and the emergence of the habit of consuming information in new ways. We often use our smartphones and applications – as a result, 91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over text.

To stay relevant and engaging for customers, many companies in every industry are looking to meet the growing demand for visuals by redefining their content strategies.

There have been numerous studies that have confirmed that visual content can have a significant impact on website traffic, brand awareness, social media engagement, lead generation, and sales.

It’s important to visualize content – for instance, streaming is a really good option in 2021. Set-up accounts on the platform, buy Twitch followers and get more organic likes from the algorithm. 

It is better to use various visual content tools: it can be infographics, animation, photo galleries, videos. Within a year, video content will make up 82% of Internet traffic, according to Forbes research, which puts marketers and company leaders in a situation where they can no longer choose another path – they need to invest in creating visual content.

You can, of course, bypass trends and work “the old fashioned way”, but you will simply cease to be noticed. Visual content is essential for businesses to engage users and keep up with the times, keeping up with their competitors.

Process automation

This is another trend: if you can automate any processes, for example, collecting and processing data, everyday work tasks, then feel free to use this opportunity. Install a CRM system, connect automated mailings, online consultants and chat bots to increase your efforts to position and advertise your company’s product or service.

This also applies to visual content: today there are many resources and tools that allow you to create high-quality visuals relatively inexpensively and at high speed. They are not too difficult and can be mastered even without special technological skills. Use them if your budget doesn’t allow for other alternatives.

Personalization in advertising

Advertising banners and offers of the same type have not attracted customers for a long time – he does not see himself in them, cannot imagine how he uses a product or service.

This is the most important trend that marketers shouldn’t forget. Suggestions based on our own experience are in great demand. Therefore, it is worth considering looking for brand ambassadors among opinion leaders. It is not necessary to choose very popular bloggers: choose several Instagram and Tik Tok bloggers with a small audience, but lively and trusting.

Before inviting them to participate in advertising, study the profile carefully – a vegetarian girl is unlikely to undertake to advertise natural fur coats.

Personalization can also be based on proposals prepared in accordance with the individual needs of the client, but for this you need to know your target audience very well, to have a detailed portrait of the client.

Know about his social status, habits, life attitudes, what causes negativity, and what will definitely attract his attention. To collect this information and conduct analysis, companies need to connect effective tools: metrics from search engines and social networks, personalized prompts, and artificial intelligence. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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