Summer time make these ‘Gas Bombs’ more prone to damger with innocent commuters. These CNG-LPG based autorickshwas are become danger to the innocent people which explode with the heat and friction in ill-maintained vehicles.

It looks like the traffic woes of the people of Hyderabad are far from over. Of course, this time it is not about congestion, but about a problem that is looming large thanks to the negligence of the transport department.

The LPG and CNG-based autos are posing a threat to people as the department has failed to implement a law that mandates change of a kit that is placed below seats of passengers every three years.

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The department started fixing LPG kits in autos way back in 1999 when the state pollution control board made a suggestion to the government to allow registration of autos only if they run on gas to reduce pollution levels.

Later, the government introduced CNG in 2010, and since 2013, there haven’t been petrol-run autos on the roads, according to authorities. Right now, about 9.5 lakh autos are running on LPG/ CNG under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits.

As per Gas Cylinder Rules 2004, rule 35 suggests periodic examination and testing of cylinders. As per the rules, CNG vehicles need to be tested every three years. The officials are not allowed to issue fitness certificates and permit if the vehicles do not undergo safety tests periodically.

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Incidentally, a case was filed in State Human Rights Commission in 2018, and the commission issued notices to the transport department, chief controller of explosives, Nagpur, Maharashtra, the civil supplies department to take action against those who don’t replace the gas kits.

The frequent blasts in engine with heat and friction lead to leaking gas blast injuring the passengers. These types of incidents happening more in sharing-autos, rural autos and ill-maintained autos in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

However, while the guidelines were followed in Delhi, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, and Bengaluru, nothing was done in Telugu states. #KhabarLive #hydnews