The politico-perfectionist makes KCR to daydreaming to rule India with his talents and knowledge. Vividly portrayed the hidden agenda of K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Telangana Chief Minister, to forge a single platform of Opposition leaders for dethroning BJP regime at Centre.

Like his one-time mentor, NT Rama Rao, former CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh in eighties, Rao is all set to kill two birds with his single shot in forthcoming polls (2024), one, to end BJP rule at Centre and secondly, also return his party, TRS back to power in Telangana.

The gradual inroads of BJP into TRS fortress is utmost cause of worry to the party chief now. BJP, which had seven per cent vote share in past in the state, of late managed to increase its share to twenty per cent, also dramatically attracting urban electorate.

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Before hatching the eggs, KCR seems to be in hurry when he revealed his desire: “This time Prime Minister of India should be from South !”

Probably, KCR may not be aware, two other contenders in non-BJP camps are also eagerly waiting in the wings like him; one, Mamata Banerjee from Bengal who kept BJP at bay in recent state and local polls and octogenarian leader, Maratha strongman, Sharad Pawar, from Maharashtra.

Pawar is already abreast with current political situation of the country; his strategy can turn the tables to his advantage if the situation warrants. Perhaps this may be the reason why KCR seems to be in no mood to meet the Maratha strongman, now his competitor for the top post, during his Mumbai visit on Sunday.

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As of now, Tamil Nadu CM Stalin cannot disband Congress, his alliance partner, whereas KCR and Mamata Didi prefer to maintain persona non grata towards Congress.

While Akalis in Punjab, Samajwadi Party leaders in UP are adopting wait and watch policy, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa CMs are conspicuous in keeping their cards close to their chests towards ‘KCR Mission’. However, the TRS loyalists are eulogising their leader as PM in waiting !

On the other side, Bharatiya Janata Party, a pan India cohesive organisation, still commands utmost faith of the electorate for stable and corruption-free government.

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Time and again, when there’s Lok Sabha Polls, it is Narendra Modi who calls the shots much to the annoyance of his opponents. In such scenario, one is therefore surprised how the dream come true for KCR ! #KhabarLive #hydnews