A new craze in Hyderabad ‘Kulhad Pizza’ is getting attracted by young foodies. Right from biryani to momos and pizza, kulhads has been used for serving all sort of meals. While some give this new trend a thumps up for its health benefits, other reject it outrightly.

Gone are the days when kulhad (earthen cups) were meant for only serving tea, lassi and phirni. With a twist in the way we enjoy food and drinks now, kulhad has been used for serving all sort of meals, right from pizzas, biryani, frankies, manchurian rice, noodles to momos and desserts. While some call it innovative and interesting, others feel this trend is a little over the top.

“I have seen many restaurants, small cafes and even street vendors serving food in kulhad. It’s the new craze and I give it a thumbs up! Usage of kulhad will not just give local potters access to a vast market, it has health benefits as well. Food cooked in earthen pots don’t release any harmful gas when exposed to high temperatures,” says Amir Deccani, a food blogger.

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Inspired by his grandmother, chef Harry from Red Meat Company, started using earthenware for cooking and serving even before it became a trend. He says, “I believe that mud/clay pots looks classy and also bring out unique vibrant colours in the dish. There is also a huge change in flavour after the dish has been cooked in an earthen pot. ”

At Chaiops in Attapur area where kulhad is one of the quirky ways to highlight Indian tradition. He says, “Using kulhad adds an Indian touch to any dish and that’s what fascinates me the most. It adds to the overall experience, in terms of presentation and rustic taste.”

Yoghurt, hot milk with sugar as well as some regional desserts, such as kulfi are also served in kulhads. “Serving coffee, pizzas and momos is spoiling the cuisine and taste of the product.

Nowadays the fusion is creating lot of confusion, as we have started blindly following a trend but whether the same will improve the taste, texture and aroma of the product or vice versa no research is done on that part,” says Chaiops owners in Hyderabad.

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Kulhad, also known as sakora, is getting merged with various food items because people prefer eco-friendly products. Swati Reddy, The Kulhad Point, loves how kulhad allows one to stay innovative yet healthy. “We must try new flavours and experiments but we also have to see its long-run sustenance. Kulhad is known to give an earthy essence, flavour, fragrance. So whether it’s momos or pizza, I believe, it should always enhance the taste of food, which is not the case,” she says.

Food blogger Faraaz, who tried kulhad pizza recently, says, “Serving anything and everything in kulhad doesn’t make sense to me. But you can try it once for the sake of experiencing it.”

Every Hyderabadi has a special place in his/her heart for kulhad chai, but then that’s old news. Upping the creativity a notch, a well-known tea café chain in Attapur has introduced a new dish called ‘kulhad pizza’.

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Made with a variety of sauteed veggies, meat, pizza sauces, and lots and lots of cheese, this dish looks absolutely drool-worthy. The only thing absent is a pizza base in this new pot pizza recipe.

You can get your hands (and mouth) on this dish at Chaiops, which opened its doors recently near Pillar No. 121, Attapur. Visit along with your friends to also indulge in yummy pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and, of course, a variety of teas and coffees.

While the ‘veg kulhad pizza’ is priced at Rs 119, the non-veg variation is priced at Rs 219. All the other dishes are priced reasonably as well. For instance, buy a combo of two pizzas and get one free at Rs 230. Chaiops is a must-visit place in the monsoon season when you’re craving hot and melt-in-the-mouth dishes. #KhabarLive #hydnews