Hair transplants have evolved as one of the most dependable and result-oriented solutions to treat hair loss conditions. Statistics reveal that up to 85% of men and nearly 40% of women suffer from hair loss conditions that require medical or cosmetic treatment.

Dr.HarikiranChekuri, one of the most preferred hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, states, ‘There has been a considerable increase in patients seeking consultation regarding hair loss issues. Apart from suggesting medications for preventing hair loss, I recommend hair transplant treatment as its result is much better and long-lasting.’

Hair transplantation is a highly effective, safe and reliable method of treating androgenic alopecia compared with low-level laser light therapy, platelet-rich plasma, adenosine, ketoconazole and other advanced hair loss treatments. Hair transplant helps patients regain their natural and youthful look, which lasts long with proper care and maintenance.

Dr.HarikiranChekuri has established Redefine Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Kothapet, Kukatpally and Gachibowli localities in Hyderabad. These centres offer the same state-of-the-art hair transplant and cosmetic procedures treatment. They are well equipped with a team of qualified doctors and trained medical assistants under the personal supervision of Dr.HarikiranChekuri.  The Redefine Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Centre is one the most reliable centers for hair transplant in Hyderabad.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Advanced Follicular unit extraction are the two most preferred techniques concerning hair transplantation. Most surgeons prefer and recommend these methods for their immense benefits such as less scarring, less post-transplant pain and healing time, more comprehensive option of donor sites, and suit almost every hairstyle.

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The FUE hair transplant procedure involves using a micro punch to extract hair follicles and implant them in the recipient area on the scalp. The donor area could be the scalp or chest, or any other area on the body with dense hair. The donor site will show no sign of extraction, and hence, this method is preferred over the FUT method, which leaves scars on the donor area. 

Redefine Clinic offers Bio- FUE Hair Transplant which is advanced FUE hair transplant procedure. In this procedure the surgeon places the extracted hair grafts in platelet-rich plasma solution (PRP). PRP is a solution enriched with nutrients which improve the survival rate of the hair grafts before implantation. PRP helps to improve the growth factors of the hair and better outcomes can be expected from the hair transplant procedure.  

However, a medical checkup is mandatory before proceeding with the hair transplant procedure, apart from a virtual consultation to understand the pattern of associated hair loss, depigmentation of hairs, and the scalp condition. The doctor will also review the hair density, the presence and the condition of the donor sites to do a thorough hair transplant procedure. In addition, the hair transplant surgeon will suggest specific pathological tests before the procedure. 

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The first consultation with the hair transplant surgeon will be an engaging one. The surgeon will understand the patient’s hair loss issues and expectations from the treatment and accordingly offer consultation and a briefing on having realistic expectations from the treatment, the number of sitting required, the estimated cost of the treatment, and so on. 

The second visit to the clinic can be a sitting or yet another round of consultation to review the results of the pathological reports and/or get a briefing about the procedures, care and maintenance. The hair transplant procedure is absolutely safe and pain-free as the patient’s hair is implanted in the site with scanty hair or no hair. Also, suitable medication will be prescribed to ensure that the patient recovers well after the procedure. Each sitting of the hair transplant procedure can last up to 4 -5 hours, and the patient can go home after the procedure. 

Dr.HarikiranChekuri states,’ FUE hair transplant treatment offers immense advantages such as less painful, use of advanced technology, no scarring, fast recovery, cost-effective and painless. Hence, I recommend it to my hair transplant patients. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable and effective procedures to restore hair.’ 

Lastly, as a piece of sound advice, he emphasizes that patients suffering from hair loss should research and review hair transplant surgeons and centres before going ahead with any one of them. They can do so by visiting the centres in person or checking their reviews online.

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Bio- FUE Hair Transplant:

  • Bio-FUE is an advanced version of the FUE hair transplant procedure. The surgeon removes hair grafts from the donor area and places them in PRP – platelet-rich plasma solution.
  • PRP is a nutrient-rich solution that improves the survival rate of hair grafts outside the body. It also increases the hair graft’s growth factors. The surgeon implants these grafts in the recipient region.

Benefits of Bio-FUE Hair Transplant:

  • There will be no scars on the operated region, just as with standard FUE.
  • It is a safe technique that can help achieve more hair density.
  • In six to twelve months, the patient should see complete hair growth.
  • No one will identify the patient had a hair transplant as the results are so natural. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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