It is a well-known fact that cricket is one of the most beloved sports in India. The Asian powerhouse boasts some of the finest names to have graced the sports on the international scene.

Indian cricket fixtures involving the eminent likes of Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah are known to attract some of the finest odds from top bookmakers like Bet 365 (easily accessible via a Bet365 App Signup). 

But to get to that top elite level of the athletes mentioned above, you must boast high bat speed. 

The good news is, it is possible to develop your batting speed through training and consistent application.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some ways to boost your batting speed so that you can play at the highest level of cricket!

1. Practice With Heavier Bats and Balls

The first thing to consider is to train with heavier bats and balls. You may use the same bat for both indoor and outdoor batting practice, or you can swap your indoor bat for an outdoor one. 

If you’re unsure which ball to use for each practice, ask your instructor which ones are best suited for your current level. 

Try practising outdoors if possible; this can help enhance your hand-eye coordination since you won’t be able to see as much while playing in front of spectators.

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2. Work on Having a High Backlift During Stance

When it comes to enhancing your batting speed, one of the most critical factors to consider is your backlift. It’s an important feature of the posture, and many players don’t understand how much they may improve their game by concentrating on it.

The high hip and chest position that you want to achieve when in possession of the ball is called a ‘solid base’ – this implies that your hips are precisely underneath your shoulders with no gap between them.

3. Concentrate on a High Backswing Arc and a Longer Downswing Arc

Another notable way is to concentrate on a high backswing arc and a longer downswing arc. Make sure you’re gazing at the ball from behind it while doing this. That will help you to keep your head high, increasing the height of your backlift.

Also, keep your hands close together (but not too close) during bat contact. Finally, consider getting deeper into a stretch—you will need as much force as possible from this swing!

It is important to practice these motions until they seem natural and comfortable; this will help you to strike balls more efficiently in real matches. Plus, they’ll seem very much comfortable to you by then, rather than something confusingly strange or uncomfortable that might lead to blunders later on.

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4. Work on Body Alignment

Batting speed and consistency are greatly influenced by alignment. To gain maximum power when striking the ball with your bat, the body must be correctly positioned, therefore try your best to align yourself before the game starts.

You may increase alignment in a variety of ways. One major way is to stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent at 90 degrees or less; this will maintain your back straight and erect throughout the match (and beyond).

Also, keep your shoulders down and your back slightly arched! After all, you want them tucked but not slumped or rounded over like an elderly guy who has spent the whole day sitting on his sofa watching TV instead of stepping outdoors for some fresh air every once in a while!

5. Use a Comfortable Cricket Bat Grip

Consider using a bat grip that feels good to you. Use a grip that is neither too narrow nor too big if you want to improve your batting pace. 

The appropriate size of your cricket bat grip will be determined by the size of your hand and forearm; if either is smaller than normal, consider choosing one with a greater diameter than normal so they can hold onto it securely.

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If your arm size isn’t exactly appropriate, consider using an odd-sized one instead – this way, even if they don’t fit completely around your wrists, there won’t be any pain from trying several sizes until you find something good enough!


We hope that these tips have given you some insight into the world of bat speed in cricket. These tips will help you become a faster cricketer. However, remember that there are many other ways to increase your batting speed, but these are the most important ones to consider. 

You should also remember that there’s no one way of improving your batting ability, and it depends on many factors, such as age, body type, and experience level. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadlive

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