Virat Kohli’s fame and impact extend beyond the realm of cricket. He has a global following, and it’s only natural that others look to him for motivation to better their own fitness levels. It’s because we decided to write this article, dedicated to the training routine and diet of the new legend of Indian cricket. 

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Virat’s fitness habits 

Virat, at the age of 32, is still competing at a level unfathomable for most sportsmen, and he intends to keep up the effort. As a result, his practice includes workouts targeted at increasing the tensile strength of his muscles. His fitness regime focuses on improving lower-half strength and explosivity. Some may assume that a cricketer who enjoys scoring runs would prioritise his upper body, but this is not the case. His playing technique relies on forceful propulsion from his lower body for a variety of moves, whether with or without the bat.

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Virat Kohli adheres to a strict 5-day training schedule followed by two days of rest. Complex movements and aerobic training allow him to perform at his best. In the off-season, he works to strengthen his muscles and tone his back, legs, and core.

Virat’s diet

Virat Kohli has changed his body by eating only clean, lean vegetarian meals. He cut out all the junk stuff he ate before.

Being a vegetarian, Virat Kohli lost 6-7 kg in 8-10 months thanks to his elite training. He saw an improvement in his game. Virat’s movements have become easier and faster. As a result, he fully committed to the quasi-vegetarian lifestyle and made it a habit. For him, there was no turning back.

However, many athletes and nutrition experts doubt the “real” benefits of a strict vegetarian diet. They believe that players should take vitamin B12, D3 and omega-3 supplements if they choose to fuel their games with vegetarian meals. Another reason many athletes are hesitant to go vegetarian is the fear that their protein needs may be compromised. These supplements are critical for the proper functioning of a healthy body, especially for competitive athletes.

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Virat need not worry about this as he revealed that his current diet consists of lots of vegetables, eggs, dal, quinoa and spinach. The cricketer confessed that he eats a lot of simple Indian and Chinese food. Virat Kohli has often expressed his passion for dosas. His eating habits have become more sophisticated and he’s under control. He no longer sits down and feasts his way through a single meal. He’s also much stricter with his portions.

What are Virat’s vices

Aside from his notoriously quick temper, Virat Kohli has few vices that affect his game. He doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. This ensures that his immunity and stamina aren’t affected.

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Overall, Virat Kohli is the human embodiment of the elite mentality. He knows what it takes to be the best in the game, and he doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile, even when it’s difficult.

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