Telangana State is ruled by TRS party led by KCR who believes that he is an institution. And command as he is a king. This erupts the clash or rift between Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan and KCR. Governor is a educated and learned woman makes constitutional decisions or orders and KCR always ignore her decisions or orders. This rift deepens and becomes irreparable. This is the scenario.

When a governor’s office sparks controversy in the state in which they are appointed, it is quite unpleasant. Because it lowers the pitch to the point that it affects the balance that the governor is supposed to maintain between the centre and the state. Instead, it fosters animosity to the point where the ceremonial position is forced into politics, leading to the unintentional creation of a democratic quagmire. This has already occurred when opposition-controlled state governments have been ousted by the federal government (read: president) on the basis of the governors’ report, and it is now occurring.

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In Telangana, the conflict between the governors and the ruling parties is getting worse. The opposition party TRS, which has not been very supportive of the BJP at the centre, running the Telugu state is not a coincidence.

Additionally, it appears that the conflicts between Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan and the TRS administration have gone too far. The Telangana Universities Common Recruitment Board Bill was not passed because of Raj Bhawan’s alleged involvement in the Poachgate controversy, according to the state administration. In retaliation, the Governor now claims that the TRS administration is tapping her phone. She said, “I have a hunch that my phone is being tapped.

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Democracy and progress are linked to a harmonious relationship between the Governor and the government of the state. Without this, there is acrimony, accusations and bad blood that really amounts to a centre-state conflict on an almost daily basis.

Governor is appointed by centre, and represent the President of India and hence the central government. Her presence in the state is ceremonial to some extent, and practical as they serve as the bridge between the state government and the centre. And are in place to harmonise relations, and strengthen federalism through strong and solid centre-state relations. She is not in place to weaken this democratic threshold, but to straighten confusions, work for the state even as she work for the centre, and bring learning and knowledge to smoothen the federal path.

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When this does not take place and governors use their power to sow discontent, thwart legislation, and obstruct regular government operations, institutions are weakened and ongoing harm may eventually become irreparable. And all of them are taking place in Telangana. Time will tell whether we stand to gain or lose with these strained connections! #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive

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