As TRS transformed into BRS as a national party, Manugodu bypoll is registered its first win towards good strategies and plans against BJP.

The most expensive conflict over the Munugodu bypoll is over. With a margin of victory of about 10,000 votes, the TRS has won. The pink party is understandably ecstatic because a loss here would have been a blow to its attempts to elevate BRS to the status of a national party. It has wasted no time in unleashing a rant against the BJP, claiming that the TRS would have won by a far greater margin had Modi and Amit Shah not spent hundreds of millions of dollars and deployed political tourists to campaign. TRS asserts that people chose self-respect above growth in the debate over the issue.

Being a political party, TRS used all of its resources to win the election. However, if one looks back and considers everything that has transpired since Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy left the Congress and joined the BJP, forcing a byelection, and the manner in which the campaign was conducted, it can be said that the TRS government forced the entire administration to knock on voters’ doors. Ministers, MLAs, and the Chief Minister all paid a visit to the district, made a commitment to adopt it, and launched a flurry of development initiatives. The pink party needs to realise that it’s comparable to riding a tiger. The ruling party is currently unable to dismount, and maintaining its momentum will be challenging.

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The most significant factor is that the BJP, which received only 10,000 votes in Munugode the last time, has now received close to 80,000 votes. No matter what the TRS leaders may claim, this is undoubtedly a significant gain. While TRS has every right to celebrate its triumph, it must also take into account the BJP’s growth. Because no one is a sacred cow and both parties competed with one another in extravagant spending of money and distribution of alcohol, it should not keep claiming that the Delhi BJP leadership put in loads of money. It is not entirely the BJP’s fault that they received 80,000 votes in Munugode. The candidate’s reputation contributed to their high vote total. Nevertheless, the ruling party must recognise (after the initial excitement of victory is over) that the results indicate that there is a strong anti-incumbency factor otherwise BJP wound not have polled so many votes despite Rajagopal Reddy being the candidate.

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With just one year to go for general elections, the pink party should take this as a warning bell and should not gloss it over. As far as BJP is concerned, it should learn how difficult it could be to face the power of a state government when it comes to poll management and when the officially machinery must work under the control of the state government. The BJP leaders in Delhi must know this as they too must have used or misused the officially machinery in all BJP-ruled states. Another point that needs to be noted in this election is that it has brought transparency in one thing: Liberal use of money power. Both the ruling party and main rival BJP had set a new benchmark for elections which could prove to be dangerous for both. The UPI method of payment which was introduced by Modi government had come to the rescue of the political parties to transfer the money easily to the voters.

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This result certainly has helped the TRS in getting short time gain but a year from now; it is going to pose a lot of trouble for the candidates of all parties. The dirty trend of buying votes at high cost so openly, spending about Rs 300 crore (as is being alleged) on distribution of liquor alone is a disturbing trend.

The administration is blamed by the opposition parties for failing to manage the flow of money and alcohol. The issue is whether it failed to exert control or whether there was another factor. Given that they are in charge in numerous states, the BJP ought to be aware of this. The pink and saffron parties need to learn to use common sense. Neither of them has the authority to undermine the nation’s democracy in order to win elections. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive

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