The excited atmosphere in Hyderabad, suddenly makes noise as Formula Car met with an accident during the racing event. The spectators disappointed and the authorities apathy towards safety precautions and poor management. The first leauge racing in India shattered the dreams on further cancellations of the car racing in Hyderabad.

The first-ever Indian Racing League (IRL), a 2-day street circuit race staged here on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, was cancelled after one of the racing vehicles crashed on the second and final day of the event.

The final round was postponed on the first day due to poor lighting on the racecourse and a tree limb slamming into a race car. An otherwise exciting event has been marred by a lack of safety measures, crowd access through the racing track, an uneven track surface, and nearly incompetent management of the situation.

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A practise session incident involving one car led to the postponement of the races, according to an official statement. “We have postponed the races to further investigate the incident out of an abundance of caution and advice from FMSCI stewards and FMSCI along with the RPPL technical team,” the statement read. The JK Tyre’s LGB Formula 4 didn’t let the viewers down, though. JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship Round 3 enthralled the spectators against all odds at the Hyderabad Street Circuit.

Viswas Vijayaraj from Ahura Racing bagged two podium finishes to top the race while Raghul Rangasamy makes it two top finishes in a row by wining race 2 in a last lap overtake and comes 2nd in Race 3 on an eventful day at the Hyderabad Street Circuit.

The organisers have failed miserably in many aspects be it managing the spectators, media or the racetrack. With the Indian Racing League, which was a prelude to the first-ever Formula E race to be held in India, turning out to be a total failure and the onus lies on the organisers to rise above their mistakes to make the historic mega to be held next year a great success.

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Ahead of playing host to Round 4 of the historic Formula E Championship on February 11, Indian Racing League will be conducting trial run for the track for Formula E in Hyderabad and Chennai.

The conduct of the first and fourth rounds on December 10 and 11 in Hyderabad will bring to fore how sincere the organizers are in their objective to give a major push to promote the motorsports segment in the country. The second round on November 25-27 and third round on December 2 and 4 will be held in Chennai.

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The two-day event saw 24 drivers from six city teams – Hyderabad Blackbirds, Speed Demons Delhi, Bangalore Speedsters, Chennai Turbo Riders, GodSpeed Kochi and Goa Aces – consisting of Indian and foreign drivers (both male and female), compete at the state-of-the-art racing tracks in Hyderabad. Each team comprised of two Indian and two international drivers with one of them being a woman.

Each team had two automobiles available as they fought with two drivers sharing a single vehicle.

The Driven International-designed Hyderabad Street Circuit is now 2.83 kilometres long for the IRL, an increase from its previous 2.37 km length. Additionally, the course now has more bends than before, which should make for more thrilling on-track action. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive