The time has come to introspect the party affairs in newly formed national party BRS before it swings in the mainstream politics. Now, KCR has taken a decision to remove the group politics, internal squabbling and anti-incumbency factor in Telangana.

The master strategist KCR wants to first organise his home so that he can focus more on national politics as he attempts to leap into national politics soon.

KCR intends to make the TRS “invincible” by preventing any internal strife or group politics that would hurt the party’s chances in the upcoming elections. According to party insiders, the TRS president is in the process of identifying the problematic assembly segments in order to resolve the conflicts between the leaders there. According to information obtained, the party will start this exercise with assembly segments in the districts of old Warangal, Karimnagar, Nalgonda, Mahbubnagar, and Rangareddy.

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Top TRS officials warned that the saffron party would turn to widespread poaching and mind games if a solution to group politics is not found. According to rumours, several district-level second-rung TRS leaders and certain BJP leaders were in contact.

The hopefuls are upset since KCR just announced that all current MLAs would receive new tickets. All of these folks are the targets of the BJP. Even though there is typically group politics between legislators and senior leaders in every assembly district, the TRS does not want to ignore it this time and leave any room for the BJP to hurt the chances of the TRS candidates winning.

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Kodad, Kollapur, Tandur, Kalwakurthy, Nagarjuna Sagar, Station Ghanpur, Uppal, Huzurabad, Palair , Bhadrachalam are among the assembly constituencies where the TRS group politics are high. Leaders said that KCR will soon hold talks with the MLAs and senior leaders from all these assembly segments and will resolve the issues through negotiations.

KCR has compiled a comprehensive list of resentful leaders who can sway voters during elections. By promising them prominent positions at the municipal or state level, he will appease them. There is a guarantee that the senior leaders will shortly be nominated for the open positions.

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KCR has given him the responsibility of keeping him informed of all political events in the significant assembly segments where there was a lot of internal conflict among the leaders and where the opposition parties were attempting to entice them. According to a senior leader, KCR will make the required decisions and make things right based on the comments. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive

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