India has always been fascinated with cricket, and the likelihood that the person reading this has cricket as their favorite sport is very high. Even if there is some form of exciting cricket being played either in India or abroad, nothing can really compensate for the high level of play that exists in the IPL.

But the off-season can be a perfect time to start cultivating an interest in different sports. In this article, we’re going to share some insights into sports and leagues in foreign countries that have started to garner a whole lot of interest from Indian sports fans. All of these sports are available to watch through internet streaming, regardless of what you are interested in watching. There are also plenty of opportunities for Indians to bet on these sports. Also, through the help of the internet, Indians can place bets on odds to win march madness and other international sporting events.   

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American Football 

For a very long time, American football has been a uniquely American sport. Still, in recent years, the NFL has started to make an effort to make the game more appealing to an international audience. This and internet streaming has made American football and the NFL more accessible to an international crowd. The NFL is highly entertaining to watch, and there are usually one or two games each week that one can watch comfortably from Hyderabad, even with the different time zones. If you’re looking to get into the NFL during the cricket off-season, the NFL’s official YouTube page can be a great place to start. 

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Basketball is a sport that is not very popular in India, but that is incredibly entertaining to watch. Unlike American football, the rules of the sport are easy to understand, and regardless of previous knowledge, it’s very easy to tune into a game and quickly understand what is happening down on the court. 

The English Premier League 

Even if the British nowadays turn their eyes towards India for the best cricket in the world, they are still unrivaled when it comes to the best football in the world. Even if you’re someone who is not very interested in football at the minute (perhaps due to the Indian national team’s constant failures in international play), the English Premier League has a little something for everyone. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive