As the BRS govt and civic authorities confirming the Nizam’s-era constructed Himayatsagar is not a water body, hence there has been no development yet despite several reviews and research.

You better believe it! The Himayatsagar, which was built more than 100 years ago and served as the city’s primary drinking water source while the last Nizam of Hyderabad was in power, is not a declared water body.

Himayatsagar, a tiny man-made lake that runs parallel to the larger and more famous Osmansagar from the Nizam era, has not gotten the same level of attention as Gandipet and has not undergone comparable development.

The revenue and irrigation authorities submitted a report fixing the Himayatsagar’s full tank level two years ago, but the HMDA has yet to even provide a preliminary report notifying it as a water body.

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The state government had allotted Rs 35.60 crore for a landscape park covering 18 acres on the banks of Osmansagar in an endeavour to build eco-friendly tourist attractions.

One of the main attractions in the neighbourhood, the Gandipet Park was opened in October of last year and has been bringing in tourists from all over the city, particularly on weekends. In addition to other amenities, it has an entrance pavilion, pathways, a flower terrace, picnic spaces, open-air theatres, food courts, and restrooms. Moreover, there is a ticketing pavilion in the centre counter and guard rooms on either side of four-way columns.

On the other hand, development was not possible in Himayatsagar. The government, according to the authorities, has proposed building an environmental park on 125 acres next to Himayatsagar for an estimated cost of Rs 75 crore.

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Unlike Osmansagar, the environmental park is approximately 18 kilometres away from the water body, therefore it won’t be a part of the lake’s development and beautification programme. They contend that the development work can only begin after the water body is recognised as a notified water body.

The final notification will include the entire area of the lake with revenue and irrigation department surveys, maps, the area of the lake in each survey number, and corresponding details, according to sources. The preliminary notifications only mention maps, extent, survey numbers, and coordinates.

1,838 lakes received preliminary notifications after a survey of 2,688 lakes was finished, and 224 lakes received final notifications. According to officials, the irrigation and revenue officials would be consulted before conducting the survey of each lake.

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According to sources, HMDA won’t issue the preliminary notification properly placing FTL maps with limits and buffer zones in the public domain until after the irrigation department certifies lake FTL maps and overlays revenue survey results.

Although the operation started 10 years ago in 2013, it should be emphasised that HMDA could only announce the final notice of 224 lakes. Although the exercise started in 2013, it should be noted that the HMDA may only publish the final notice of 224 lakes. #hydnews #hydkhabar #hydlive #hyderabadnews