‘MANUU Students Ki Kahani Unhi ki Zubani’

The Hyderabad based Maulana Azad Urdu University students protested for alleged sudden cancellation of their scholarship and demanded for immediate issuance. The students spoke to #KhabarLive and requested for justice with government agencies to save their studies.

Here are some excerpts:

‘I have been receiving this national scholarship from the Ministry of Minority Affairs for the past two years.’

‘Over 1,800 students’ scholarships at Hyderabad’s Maulana Azad National Urdu University have been revoked. I am one of those students that is totally reliant on this scholarship. I will have to stop my studies midway if I don’t succeed.’

‘Since February 3rd, 2023, we have been demonstrating against the scholarship’s termination. I’ve been taking advantage of this national scholarship, which is administered by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, for the past two years.’

‘Our future is in danger if this scholarship is cancelled.’

‘We found out that our scholarship had been reverted on January 6, 2023, and that was when everything began. Both the university and the state approved of our scholarship.’

‘Following everything, we got a communication stating that your scholarship had been reverted. For us, this is a nightmare.’

‘We even questioned our administration about the same problem, but they were unable to respond. Our institution has been informed about this numerous times, and the only response we have received is that they will take action.’

‘We still don’t know anything about this after more than a month.’

‘We made every effort to contact the authorities, but we received no response. So, on January 25th, we submitted an RTI.’

‘On February 2, we learned that one of our university’s students had submitted phoney documentation, and as a result, the scholarship for everyone had been revoked. Justice of what type is this?’

‘Just because of a single student, we all have to suffer.’

‘We must all endure suffering simply because of one pupil.’

‘This scholarship covers all of our expenses, including the mess fee.’

‘We don’t rely on our relatives for money. With this money, I can get by for an entire year. I can enrol in classes to earn more money if necessary.’

‘Each of us received a total of Rs. 50,000. It is a major setback for us because my family values this sum highly.’

‘We merely ask that the administration grant us a scholarship so that we can attend this institution. Scholarships should be awarded to qualified students.’

According to a university source who spoke with #KhabarLive, “We are not responsible for the situation; there was a problem with the portal, and we have contacted the Ministry of Minority Affairs about it. The applications have through a process of veneration. Hopefully the ministry will act quickly “. #hydnews #hydkhabar #hydlive