The BRS supremo KCR is confused and worried about his daughter MLC Kavita’s possible arrest on March 16, 2023 by enforecement directorate in Delhi. He is too concern over her jail stay and subsequent political possible hazards. As a precautionary effort he closes all family and political ranks to avoid external disturbance. He alrwady planned a legal and political strategy to face the situation.

The Kalvakuntla family is concerned about how Kavitha would be handled if jailed because she, her brother KTR, and the BRS party have been known to strongly agitate against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Her brother, Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao, and her cousin, Finance Minister Harish Rao, were travelling to New Delhi on March 11 as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was about to wrap up its day of questioning of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) chief Kavitha Kalvakuntla in the Delhi liquor scandal. After being questioned for several hours, Kavitha was welcomed home by KTR and Harish Rao, who also escorted her back to Hyderabad. Many other cabinet members and party chiefs had travelled to the national capital to show their support. The family and the party made sure their message was heard loud and clear throughout the episode—they stood firmly with Kavitha.

KTR will once more be by his sister’s side on March 16 when Kavitha is scheduled to appear before the ED for the second time in Delhi, where she will probably be detained. Family members said they will step up their support for Kavitha because they view the ED and CBI’s attempt to link her to the scheme as nothing more than political harassment.

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The Kalvakuntla family is concerned about how Kavitha would be treated by the investigation agency in the event of an arrest because both of the siblings, their father, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), and the BRS have been known to strongly protest against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a source close to the family revealed that the family believes that the BJP’s strategy is to ensure Kavitha’s arrest and keep her in jail till Telangana goes to polls in December. “Only then can Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah come to Telangana and make campaign speeches that even the CM’s daughter is in jail. They will somehow ensure she does not get bail,” says the source.

Which is the reason why a priority for the Kalvakuntla family is preparing the ground to apply for bail. “If any of the accused in the case get bail, then it will have a domino effect, others too will get bail. So it is important that all bail applications in the case are strong, especially Kavitha’s,” the source says.

While family members and those close to them are strategising about how to deal with the fallout of the arrest, it is also preparing mentally. “There will be harassment, no doubt. They think Kavitha is strong enough to handle it, but then a family will worry, right?” asks the source.

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According to those #Khabarlive spoke to, when the probe started and Kavitha was linked to the scam, KCR did not think that it would result in an arrest. However, lately, he too has been preparing for the same. While the CM had called for a party meeting to discuss strategy and was dealing with it at his own pace, one event changed all that – a comment made by the Telangana BJP chief. On the day that Kavitha was questioned, BJP’s Bandi Sanjay was asked whether she would be arrested. He replied, “If not arrested, should she be kissed?”

“The CM was livid with anger. That comment crossed all limits of decency. Immediately, it was decided that the party would protest in every district,” reveals a source.

The BRS believes that if Kavitha really had a role in the alleged Delhi liquor scam she would have been named as an accused by the investigating agency. The party also believes that Kavitha’s harassment is BJP’s retaliation for the BRS sting operation in the MLA poaching case. In October 2022, the BRS and the Telangana police had fixed multiple cameras in a guest house and recorded a conversation that three alleged emissaries of the BJP had with four BRS MLAs. The emissaries, who said they represented Amit Shah and BJP National General Secretary BL Santhosh, offered large amounts of money to the MLAs to jump ship. The BJP has refuted any links with the three men, even as an investigation goes on.

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The BRS strategy to counter the BJP is primarily two-pronged. They will sharpen their attack against the Union government and its policies. The second strategy is to highlight corruption by the BJP government and its proximity to billionaire business honchos like Gautam Adani. “We will point out how Adani is given free rein, and how there is bigger corruption by the BJP. They are looting the country of thousands of crores and carrying on without any fear. Their strategy is to jail everyone in the opposition in scams that don’t even exist, this has to be highlighted to the people,” a party source says.

In the case of an arrest, the BRS leadership has already asked party workers and cadres to tell the people that it is an act of vengeance.  

KTR, who also serves as the party’s acting president, has previously met with top BRS officials several times to discuss the party’s strategy in the event that Kavitha is arrested. The BRS thinks that because there are still months before the election, the lawsuit won’t have a significant electoral impact.

“Public memory fades quickly. Despite the fact that there are several discussions taking place locally, they have no bearing on us. Election-related corruption is never the main concern. Moreover, there is no case of corruption here and Kavitha is not the first BRS leader to be targeted. We’ll demonstrate to the public that there is a pattern here,” a senior party insider asserts. #hydnews #livehyd #hydkhabar