SHE M POWER–5th Women’s Conclave & Awards 2023  with the theme “Accelerate Safety and Well-Being in Sustainable World” held at JRC Convention ​centre, Filmnagar​ in Hyderabad.

Anjani Kumar, IPS, Director General of Police, Telangana; Stephen Raveendra, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad; ​Jennifer Larson is the Consul General in Hyderabad; Dr. Gurunath Reddy, CMD, Continental Hospitals, Krishna Yedula, Secretary General, SCSC; Nitika Pant, IPS, DCP-Women and Child Safety; Pratyusha Sharma,  Jt. Sec Women’s Forum, SCSC graced ​the ​conclave and spoke.

DGP Anajani Kumar launched two She Shuttle Services sponsored by Virtusa and Providence.  It had 15 to date and two more added and together are impacting one lakh people a month.

Addressing the ​gathering Mr Anjani Kumar, DGP said with​ safety protocols in place, technology will be ​a wonderful servant. Cultivate the culture of protocols. 

One flight either lands or takes off every ​minute across the world. Except few, not many incidents or accidents are seen because of the adherence to the strict protocols, standard systems, ​and ​checks and balances. These protocols have to be evolved in every field he said. 

Which are the top most populous countries in the world? he asked ​the ​audience. The stock answer we have is China ​and India. But it is Facebook he said. If Facebook was to be ​a ​country, it has 2.4 billion subscribers, more than China or India’s population. Facebook knows everything about you. Your date they have is more vulnerable, he said. 

He explained how terrorists used more intelligence than police in ​the ​26/11 Mumbai terror attack. 

Dr Gurunath Reddy, CMD of Continental Hospital gave ​ the keynote address. And he gave convincing facts about how women are superior ​to men. Women’s brains work five times faster than ​men’s. MRI shows that 70% of neurons in women’s brains light up much faster to perform multiple tasks than men. Men can spint well. But women beat men in ​the ​long run. Women proved to have more endurance than men in ​the ​case of ​the ​195 ​km long run. No man could ever beat that record. Women have higher physical endurance. Women are healthier, they live ​longer. Their muscle fiber is stronger and ​makes them better ​long-distance runners and bikers. Less women are diabetic, ​fewer women suffer cancer. They get ​fewer infectious diseases. Men get more flue attacks than women, he said much to the surprise of the audience. 

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Stephen Raveendra, Commissioner of Cyberabad Police said the theme of the conclave is vital to society. We have come a long way in women related matters, but ​still long way to go. ​Women’s rights are still challenged. One of the few challenges ​is ​the ​financial ​well-being of women. The women are ​financially excluded and discriminated. Education is the cornerstone for ​women’s empowerment. We see girls excelling more than boys in ​tenth-class results but subsequently ​dropping out. Only 9% of ​co-founders of startups are women. Well​being of ​a woman is another critical component. He urged corporations to pay more attention to the wellness of women employees. Time for change is now, he said and concluded his speech. 

Welcoming the gathering Ms Pratyusha Sharma, SCSC Women’s Forum leader said the theme was chosen carefully.  How do we accelerate safety, and well-being in a sustainable world by always paying due respect to women, helping them rise and helping them voice and ensure the message reaches more?  Margadarshak and sanghamitra trained to date 1500 and cases reported approximately 850 plus she informed. Knowledge-sharing sessions and safety sessions covered 60,000 people. We prepared a safety hostel list to enable employees to look for safe hostels certified by SCSC and Cyberabad police as per the 10 commandments, she informed

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Krishna Yedula said SCSC is the single largest touch point serving two million ​workforces. SCSC’s scale, size and impact ​haas grown. It has been playing ​a ​catalyst role for ​so many years. She Shuttle services which started with one has now gone to 17 and demand is increasing 

Two Panel discussions were held. One was on Vision for SCSC was moderated by Krishna Yedula.  The panellists include Apoorva Rao, IPS., SP Nalgonda ​Dr Ramadevi – Amara Hospitals Anil Rachamalla – End Now Foundation.

Participating in this Apoorva said police are focusing on data and ​evidence-led policing. She said that cyber ​crimes are on the rise. Dr Rama Devi spoke about mental health and how to handle stress. Anil Rachamalla said the gifts of technology are addiction, attention deficiency, impatience, instant gratification, and no empathy. In all these common sense is missing in social engineering cases which are on the rise more than cyber crimes. In social engineering crimes they use ​some data collected online, he said.  

The second panel was on Sustainability as a way of Life for a balanced Ecosystem. It was moderated by Padma Priya.  Swaraj Priyadarshi, Dexterity Global 2. Elca Grobler and My Choices Foundation were the two panelists.

A fireside chat was held with Murali Krishna, Country Head-Providence, moderated by Pratyusha Sharma on the Health & Mindset of Women ​in the Workplace. 

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Nukkad Natak by Meru International Students was performed on Child Safety

Ms Jennifer Larson, Consul General of the US Consulate was the Chief Guest for the Awards ceremony. She highlighted the importance of women in every area of our world.   She presented Industry and Individual awards in the category of women’s safety and well-being to the respective winners. Short Film Contest Winners and Key Achievers in the field of safety, well-being and sustainability were also feted.

Special Achievers: Sravanthi Shivaram; Payal Kapur (Sens It Eyes); Shipra Gandhi (Spreading Happiness); G Amulya (Golfer).  SHE Teams were also honoured with awards including Mohammadi WPC; Shankaramma WPC; Anasuya WPC; Sarala Wasi WPC; G Pushpavathi WPC; Sangeetha ARWPC. The Sanghamitra volunteers recognised include Ramesh Pittala; Shabana Rehmat; Aashita.  Kamble; Nisha Karki. The Margdarshak ​honoured were Nagesh Reddy Alla; Dr Usha Yanamandra; Chandrakanth AS.  The companies honoured were Dr Reddy’s; Metrochem; Cognizant Technology Solutions; Berkadia; Factset System India Pvt Ltd; Tech Mahindra. Two hospitals too were recognised AIG Hospital and Medicover Hospitals

Dupati Govind Raju won the 1st Prize in Short Film Contest; Chandavolu Bhanuprakash, 2nd Prize and Chikati Sravan Kumar, 3rd Prize. They too were honoured by Ms Jennifer.

Bharosa Lounge was set up. Awareness desks on initiatives like Women & Children; SHE Team and on how to file Anti Human Trafficking Cases ​were set up. Rotary Sumitra stall created awareness ​of Menstrual Health and Hygiene. Karkinos stall educated visited on how early detection helps reverse the problem. The Naari stall spread the importance ​of women’s wellness and initiatives. #hydnews #hydkhabar #hydlive