The word prison or jail will definitely raise the eye brows of any common citizen who doesn’t have any history to hide.

There were many biopics and films were made on life of inmates and their struggles behind the baracks.

But none has put on the light for developmental initiatives taken by the prison department to make a positive rehabilitation among its inmates.

Here is the one of the inspiring piece of development in Indian prison department which actually makes you feel proud.

Telangana prison department, one of the most developed prison department in India.

It have every basic thing in it which most of the Indian jails lack. From the septic toilets to the trials on video conferencing judgements it’s all there, how?

It was started during the tenure of N.Chandrababu Naidu when he proactively took many initiatives to develop the Andhra Pradesh as a state.

As it was an unfulfilled effort which got a successor in KCR government and now this prison department is one of the highlights from Telangana state.

Let’s get to the key highlights.

1. Cooking on Gas:
Most of the other states prisons are not equipped with gas cooking facilities, Telangana prison department started it in the early 2000s now it is also started a huge bakery and all its products are supplied to various retailers.

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2. Septic Toilets:
Jails are always known for its worst sanitation and most of the time it also created headlines for I’ll treatment with inmates, bit Telangana prisons doesn’t have this hard walls dry open toilets, here jails are equipped with septic toilets which have actually made a difference in inmates daily living.

3. Modern medical facilities:
According to the study made on survey took in the year 2010 on Indian jails, it is found most of the under trials and prisoners lost their lives due to lack of medical facilities and care.
Telangana prisons department upgraded their medical facilities for their inmates to another level and reduced it’s casualties and emergencies upto a reasonable count.

4. Easy mulakat arrangement:
Mulakat is a chance to meet your inmate friend or relative once in a week for under trails and 15 days for prisoners.This facility in other states is quite rigorous for people in and out of the premises as it will be a huge crowd in a limited timelines.

Telangana prisons department has introduced e mulakat and scheduled token system for each and every gate where both the parties can meet and help each other morally.

5. Hygienic prisoners:
Prisoners and hygiene both doesn’t sounds digestible, we are used to see people behind the bars in a worst kind in rags. Not in Telangana prisons it is mandate to keep yourself clean and hygienic. They motivate their inmates to feel good and look good as a new pleasant life is waiting outside.

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6. Separate women’s prison building: first ever India’s separate prison complex for women was created here with an adequate medical facilities with a labor room and a dedicated team of doctors.

Telangana prison department have achieved 70-80 percent of success ratio in rehabilitation of women inmates.

7. Vocational courses for prisoners:
Prisoners who have urge to educate themselves and create a bright future for themselves are given equal educational rights as a common civilian have.

Telangana prison department have created vocational courses and it’s curriculum for prisoners with proper faculty to teach them, they too have exams and on successful completion they will be awarded with a graduate degree. Isn’t it great.

8. Video conferencing for trails:
Indian judiciary system is quite famous for its untimely judgements and timely dates of hearings. According to a survey done in 2016 it is found more than 3 crore cases are pending for its judgements and more than 1.5 crore are under trails.

It is found most of the times accused or victim or both will lost their lives in these adjournment dates.
To make a fast track judgements Telangana government has started video conferencing judgements and hearing facilities for all the inmates.

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9. Employment opportunities:
A typical cinematic exposure has always given us the impression of jail jobs in the form of carpenters, sweepers, labourers, etc and yes it is the reality in most of the Indian prisons but Telangana prison department have introduced equal job opportunities for all prisoners, they will be deployed on the jobs as per their skill sets, it is having a different post from a sweeper to the petrol pump supervisor.
Isn’t it cool.

10. Beggar free city initiative:
This was a recent highlight Hyderabad city have witnessed, Telangana prison department has introduced this initiative in which they will bring all beggars under one roof called Anand Bhavan which is he part of central prison at chanchalguda. Here all the habituated beggars will be rehabilitated and set free with an employment opportunity on successful rehabilitation.

And many more developmental initiatives are in pipeline, this is not a movie story but a bright reality in Indian prisons department history.
This has been a difficult task and an unending effort from the administrative point, but it’s all about that single driving force in department which unites you to achieve the goal regularly.

Salute to all those hardworking officers and chief of Telangana prison department for using its funds in a right direction.

Jai Hind – Mera Bharat Mahan. #KhabarLive

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