Waking up to the alarm in the morning, running across the house to get ready and struggling in the public transport to reach office! This is what the life of most Indians typically looks like. Except for those who own businesses or are self-employed, most Indians are employed with some or the other firm and are salaried professionals.

Also, with the exponential boom of the IT sector worldwide and particularly in India over the recent years, most employees are today employed with IT firms that are believed to be the best salary payers as compared to the other industries.

A job in an IT firm is considered to be a boon by many in India. This sector definitely offers handsome salaries as compared to the many others which is why every other teenager is opting for Engineering in IT and Software to make a career. Most of us believe that working in a reputable IT firm (its not actually working, but slogging) will eventually make us rich one day and help build a successful and bright future! This is the main reason why Indian teenagers are ready to slog an entire day at office, work day and night and put their heart and soul into the work they do. But, here’s an ALERT! If you think slogging at office could get you handsome salary appraisals and promotions, here’s why your company doesn’t think so!

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A news that features on NDTV two days back read, ‘Indian IT companies among the 10 worst paymasters in the world’! Did that just make you skip a beat? Indian professionals have always been comparatively cheap labor as compares to most other countries globally. (Of course, that’s the reason why foreign companies have been outsourcing heavily in India!) The article revealed some shocking salary facts of Indian managers and employees and also made it clear that the package an Indian IT professional draws annually is not even one-fourth of the package of his Swiss counterpart.

Indian Companies And The Hectic Work Culture
Okay, let us forget about the salary part for some time! But do our companies at least offer comfort to their employees and employment benefits? Well, most of them won’t! Many IT firms spread across the different cities and states in India claim ‘5 days a week’ work culture but that is often only on papers. I have seen it for myself how most of the IT professionals are burdened with work and supposed to work even on weekends because they have deadlines to meet and projects to complete. Not only do Indian companies offer lesser leaves to employees as compared to the ones abroad, many of them won’t even provide a comp-off or extra working benefits to employees. The work culture is absolutely hectic with employees literally having to slog at office day and night with zero social life.

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Need For A Change!
Although most IT firms offer better salary appraisals to their employees than many other industries, is it worth working in this hectic culture? Of course, they do not have a social life at all but, the culture has also been responsible for many physical and mental health problems among employees. A sedentary lifestyle will not only increase obesity and give rise to digestion and circulation problems, the constant work pressure also leads people to head towards depression and several other mental health problems. It has been clinically proved by doctors that working late at night or constantly slogging at office is a serious threat to the health and may also give birth to heart diseases, sometimes even resulting into fatal heart attacks.

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Honest Request To All Employees
Money is not everything that one needs for a sound life. It is important to be at peace of mind and stable rather than be under the constant pressure of completing tasks and meeting client deadlines. Say NO to working for more than 8-9 hours a day. Collectively, we can oppose this wrongly booming culture and save ourselves!

There’s no point in having a 6-digit salary a month while compromising with health and spending the same amount in hospital later to regain the lost health, isn’t it? #KhabarLive