Employees work in a physical environment under the guideline of an owner or a manager for the progress of an organization. Employees have different personalities and attitudes, and they work together at a place. Due to personality differences, a lot of problems can arise between the employees or between the employees and the owner.

In most of the situation, owner or manager don’t feel satisfied with the work of employees or in some situation employees don’t follow the instructions of owner due to some reason. Employees face different problems at workplace environment so as a manager you have to resolve these problems.

Listen to Your Employees
No one can deny that the employees face issues at their workplace, the type of problems can vary from employee to employee. As a manager, you have to give freedom to employees, so they can freely discuss their issues with you. If employees can’t share their problems with you, then you can’t get to know the problems of employees. So you should have the habit to listen to employees, and at the end, you will identify the issues. Of course, you can search out for the solution to the issues when you have the list of employee’s problems.

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Show Unbiased Behavior
As a manager, it’s your responsibility that you have to deal employees with equality. Employees work for your organization, and they follow your instructions because you have authority over them. So don’t lose your respect in the eyes of your employees through bias attitude. There might be a case that you like the performance of an employee as compare to other employees so may you behave more delicately with that employee. But keep in your mind that all employees will observe you, and they don’t like that you are giving importance to a particular employee. As a result, they will not work with dignity and passion. So dealing your employees without being biased is very necessary.

Solve Conflict between Employees
The employees work together to achieve the goals of a company. When different people work together then in most of the cases they don’t agree with the views of each other and this leads to conflict between them. As a manager, you have to resolve conflicts between employees if you feel that this conflict will affect the performance of your organization as well as the office environment. You have to play your role before the conversion of conflict into the long-term dispute.

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Punctuality in Employees
It is in the rules of an organization that employees have to reach at a workplace in time and have to complete their work hours. But unluckily some employees can’t follow this rule due to personal problems and responsibilities. It is the responsibility of manager or human resource department to ensure the punctuality of the employees regarding the time and work. A manager has to follow flextime policies so that employee can complete their work in their available hours. When employees have an opportunity to work in relaxing hours, they will work with passion and give progress to your organization. Not only this, but gradually they will become punctual.

Provide Security
For the growth of an organization, you have to maintain the proper working environment. When you arrange physical office or workplace for your business, then you have to provide necessary facilities to employees so they can work in a comfortable environment. Security should be at the top of the list of these essential facilities. Safety is paramount because, through the provision of security, employees will be mentally relaxed and due to mental relaxation they can do their work with full concentration. So use the technology which ensures the protection of your office building.

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The growth, progress, and success of a company or organization are directly dependent on the employees after the manager. Owner or manager can’t do anything without the support and strength of its employees. So thinking about solution of your employees problems should be your top priority. They will also respect you if you will look after to their needs. If you are running a business setup in UAE or in any country of the world, you may also take services of professional productivity experts for the improvement of your business. #KhabarLive