Weddings these days are all about honoring customs in your own modern way. Whether you’re superstitious or you’re just paying homage to tradition, here are a few creative ways to assemble your own good luck tokens for the big day. Because what bride couldn’t use a little extra good juju?

The time-honored wedding tradition of having “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” was once thought to not only give the bride good luck on her big day but also help to guarantee fertility and prosperity. These days, it’s just a charming ritual you can have a little fun with while incorporating it into your wedding. Need a bit of direction? Ahead, ideas for “somethings” that will work for you.

You can also opt for something deeply meaningful. Above, this bride opted to wear her departed mother’s wedding dress and even took a special photo with her mom’s bridal portrait.

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If you don’t have something old that feels wedding-day ready, you can always fudge it with something old looking (we promise we won’t tell). A vintage-inspired piece, like a retro wedding gown or worn-looking pair of boots is old in its style and design, after all.

Generally, the “something new” is a gift from the groom or one of the bride’s family members. Perhaps it is a new necklace that perfectly matches your wedding dress.

Of course, this is a more expensive route. If you need to do “something new” on a budget, think simple. Buy up a bunch of pretty hankies and tuck one into your dress or bouquet — then hand out the rest to your bridal party and female relatives.

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Want a more modern option? If you and your honey decide to get a matching tattoo to celebrate your wedding day, that would totally count.

Out of all of these, we admit that “something borrowed” might just be our favorite: It symbolizes the community surrounding you on your wedding day and in the new life you are starting. You can borrow pretty much anything, but we think it’s pretty special when you borrow your grandmother’s earrings or your mother’s hair comb.

Of course, you can also borrow something just because you love it. Your beach wedding could be the perfect chance to raid your best friend’s stellar sandal collection.

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No matter what your wedding color palette, you can always find a way to weave in a little blue hue. One of our favorite options: embroidering a bit o’ blue into the lining of the wedding dress (below, left).

You can also combine two of your tokens, as with this antique blue rosary in the bride’s bouquet below (right). Or just wrap some pretty blue ribbons around your flowers!

Want to be comfy and blessed with good luck? Look no further than a pair of fancy blue sneakers.

Are you gathering your friend’s “somethings” for her? Keep it light-hearted by making her a funny handkerchief, such as this one warning against ugly tears in wedding photos. #KhabarLive