Every year, the food scene is hit by a number of trends that change the way we eat. These trends are sometimes too weird for words–especially when parts of the world go crazy over cheese tea or cotton candy. But some of these trends are just perfect. They are health-conscious, celebrate farmers and producers, and they always manage to look just so yummy on the plates!

2018 promises to be another year like that. The thing to note is that people across the world now want gourmet food to be healthy and Instagrammable. Everybody is thinking about their guts and their waistlines, and so should you. But this does not mean any foodie has to compromise on taste. The world is full of innovative chefs, and they’ll ensure that.

Here are some of the positive food trends that will hit the market in a big way in 2018. Take a look, and get your forks and spoons ready.

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1. Plant-based dishes
Zucchini pastas and zoodles have already arrived, to the extreme pleasure of Indian vegetarians, vegans and health freaks. 2018 promises to deliver more on the plant-based dishes category. Plant-based dairy will also expand, and you’ll be able to actually give veganism a shot if you want.

2. Mushrooms
The world has finally realised that mushrooms are one of the best ingredients, ever. They’re versatile and full of nutrients that improve everything from your immunity to sex drive. Don’t be surprised if you find more mushroom dishes on restaurant menus. Just lap it up, and enjoy the benefits.

3. Shell-less Tacos
Gone are the days when eating tacos and wraps meant loading up on carbs. Shell-less tacos are here! Whether they’re simply lettuce, kale or spinach shells, or ones made with gluten-free flours, tacos will get a healthy revamp this year. Taco Bell in India has already launched a chicken-shell taco, and we’re sure other taco places will follow as well.

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4. Superfood powders
They’re healthy, and they’re super-easy to add to any dish you might be eating. Turmeric and matcha powders have already made it big all over the world. 2018 will see more additions to superfood powders in supermarket aisles. You’ll soon be grabbing flaxseed, chia and cacao powders to add to your healthy shakes and salads.

5. Root-to-stem cooking
As the food crisis across the world intensifies, innovative chefs and cooks will continue their drive to stop food waste by using every bit of a veggie. Don’t be surprised if you see dishes that have watermelon rinds or cauliflower and broccoli stems on restaurant menus. Eat up, and be a part of the movement to stop food waste.

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6. Poke bowls
Poke bowls are basically Japanese one-bowl dishes, and they’re extremely balanced on the nutrition and flavour fronts. Poke bowls have already arrived in India, especially thanks to Guppy in Delhi. 2018 will see more restaurants and eateries offering this one-bowl wonder on their menus.

7. Regional Cuisines
With almost all our celebrity chefs, from Vikas Khanna to Kunal Kapur, travelling through India to explore unknown flavours, regional cuisines will get more of a boost in 2018. You can expect more restaurants focusing on cuisines from the Northeast and the tribal belt of India, and even specialty restaurants that serve the foods from Odisha, Chhatisgarh and Himachal Pradesh (to name a few). #KhabarLive

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