NutraC is a Proactive Health Store with a vision to spread awareness of having a healthy lifestyle with the right nutrition through nutraceutical products and consolidate the nutraceutical brands and products under a single roof.

Aspire to position ourselves as a dedicated platform for proactive health products creating an infrastructure for nutraceutical brands offering diverse range of proactive health products to customers. Have an exclusive agreements with all the leading domestic and international brands in the nutraceutical industry and always aim to offer extensive range of proactive health products under one umbrella.

Pioneers in this segment creating a dedication platform for proactive health products with the best available product range available in this industry. Every product of the store revolves around vitamins, proteins, energy boosting essentials, and personal care. Take extra caution in identifying the brands associate and, only associate with brands who maintain a level of exclusivity and their products are made with the best of the working environments and technologies available.

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With over a year of research and hardwork we can reiterate and boast about ourselves that our store offers largest array of proactive health products maintaining a level of exclusivity.

NutraC aim to spread across the awareness about the nutraceutical products and its benefits towards health. Being one of the first “one of its kind” #proactivehealth stores in Hyderabad, take pride in putting our steps towards wellness of the society.

#NutraC is a retail store with a vision to spread awareness of having a healthy lifestyle with the right nutrition through nutraceutical products and consolidate the nutraceutical brands and products under a single roof.

Product Portfolio
With today’s lack of right nutritional value in our daily diet and unhealthy lifestyles, there is a growing need of additional nutrients for our body which can be supplemented through Nutraceuticals products made with natural based ingredients like Herbal extracts, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Aminoacids and Probiotics..

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These supplements are categorized into 3 major verticals:

Health & Wellness Supplements
NutraC has built a first of its kind #Nutraceutical pharmacy focusing on supplement for various health segments related to brain & memory, Asthma & respiratory system, Joint pains, Diabetes, Digestion, heart, eye, Immunity, Kidney, Liver, Skin & Hair, mood &, stress, sleep, weight, detox and Kids health, Women health, Men Health, Senior health etc. The nutraceuticals products list is completely endless.

All of these problems can be overcome with the appropriate ingredients that can ensure a healthier body & soul. The supplements available at our nutraceutical products store are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and immunity supply that can take care of creating a balance between all the body essentials

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Nutrition Supplements & Foods
A continuous supply of nutrients in our human body is very important. This vertical covers product categories with high nutritional value and super foods like healthy juices, oils, , flours, rice, noodles, pasta, breakfast cereals, millets, tea, coffee, cookies, candy, ghee, Honey, Soups, energy bars, nuts and seeds. We are the first store to bring fortified foods to the consumers.

Sports Supplements
This consists of products range, keeping in mind the adequate amount of energy needed for a sportsperson. We have brands with all forms of protein supplements like Whey protein, Soy protein, Pea protein, Egg protein, and other amino acid based supplements which are required for building and recovering muscle strength for workout and sports activities. #ProactiveHealth #NutraC #KhabarLive


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