If there is one thing that can make or break a party, then, it has to be food! When guests come over with a lot of expectations, a delicious menu is the best thing you can offer as a host. Whether it’s a cocktail party, reception, birthday party or even for weekend gatherings, the attractive food stations are bound to inspire the guests. So, try out some fun bars where you can include your children as well.

Coffee bar
While drinking is fun, this time, supplement the bar with coffee rather than alcohol. Additionally, the caffeine will keep the dance floor packed all night long.

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Pizza/pasta bar
Making your own pasta/pizza with your favourite toppings is always fun. And if it’s in a party, your guests will also have some activity to do.

Mashed potato bar
For a filling meal, mashed potato is the answer. You can give a wide variety of options to serve the mashed potato with, such as crispy meat, chilly flakes, salt and pepper, butter, pickles and many more.

Popcorn bar
The bar which is inexpensive, but deliciously hit with any crowd, is the popcorn bar. A homemade popcorn bar is not only a treat for guests, but also can become an outstanding party décor. You can even conduct some competitions over the popcorn.

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Late-night snack bar
Midnight snacks will keep your party going on, and on! Your guests will enjoy flipping over some sweet or salty treats during those late-night craving moments.

Dessert bar
When it comes to a dessert bar, you have a number of options to create one. You can choose an ice cream sandwich/sundae bar, or some cheese cake and brownie bar where they can have an assorted variety of toppings. #KhabarLive