If you are a nature lover who wants to try rock-climbing and other physically trying sports, while having fun and losing weight in the process, then the new club in Hyderabad should be your first choice.

A professional mountaineer Ashmi Majumdar from Hyderabad noticed that “a few people were interested in mountaineering, but there was nobody who could teach them professionally and technically”. “So, I thought, why not conduct training to those interested in mountaineering in Hyderabad, and when I discussed the idea with my friend Naveen, he helped me a lot in publicising the event and the club,” says Ashmi, founder of ClimbOn Adventure Club.

Apart from mountaineering, ClimbOn club organises many other activities like trekking, climbing, hiking, bouldering, camping, adventure treks, sports, fitness, etc. “First, when we posted the event in social media, 26 people registered themselves with us and only 5 turned up, but one good thing is those 5 people are still with our club,” says Ashmi happily.

The club welcomes both children and their parents. Children who are above seven years of age can take part in the activities. Rock climbing has got numerous benefits – it can help one get fit, lose weight, become stronger, balance body and mind, and enhance problem-solving ability.

“Staying fit is our motto. We are helping many who want to reduce weight and join our adventure club. We teach them how to become fit by giving basic details on how to manage their weight. We have seen people who have transformed from 100 kgs to 70 kgs and they have become quite fit now. It’s just that they should have the passion for the adventure,” explains Ashmi. He also shares that the club organises local and out-station activities regularly and the fees depends on that particular event.

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ClimbOn Adventure Club is registered under the Government of Telangana and has registered board members. Elections are conducted once a year and the president who gets elected takes care of the club and its needs for that year. The club provides unique opportunity of learning from certified trainers to the basics of rock climbing and improving in top-roping skills and techniques.

The club strictly follows rules like no booze, no intoxicants, no strong drinks and no smoking from start to end of the event. What ClimbOn expects from its members, participants and those who want to join the club are just a big smile, loads of energy and enthusiasm.

List of things to carry on Hiking or Trekking trip

1. Water bottle: A savior in many ways
2. Munching items: Trail mix, Dry fruits, Chocolates or Energy bars
3. Daypack or Backpack: Travel light & Organised
4. Trekking shoes or Hiking boots: Walk the talk on your Hike or Trek
5. Swiss Knife – A multi-purpose toolset
6. Torchlight or Flashlight – Find the way in dark
7. Hand sanitiser: Kills unwanted germs
8. Trek pants or trousers: Feel the comfort
9. Cap or Hat: Get in the shade
10. Sunscreen, Sunblocks, and Lip balms: Prevent sunburns
11. Trek route or map – Don’t get lost
12. Medical kit or First-aid kit: helps patch up basic health issues
13. Smartphone or Compact camera: Capture the memories or moments
14. Sunglasses – Save those eyes
15. Hiking pole – Get some support

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Popular adventure clubs in twin cities:

The Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club
The Greater Hyderabad Adventure club (GHAC) was founded in 2008 and is registered with Government of India as a Not for Profit Adventure Club and is affiliated to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF). The Club is open to all and run by trained and experienced professionals and volunteers.

GHAC has been mentioned in the Limca Books of records – 2013. The club is growing and is the most active adventure club in India by the sheer number of adventure activities the club does round the year.

The club membership is free and open to everyone above 18 years. Young members above 13 years may participate with parental consent. Children above 6 and up to 12 years may participate along with parents only.

Safety is priority and their Outdoor Leaders are trained and certified in their respective fields and know first-aid and emergency handling. They have significant experience with outdoor activities and work very hard to make each event a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Hyderabad Trekking Club
The Hyderabad Trekking Club (HTC), founded in October 2011, is promoting outdoor adventure activities and trekking in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. HTC connects people to the wonderful nature, which many of us have not experienced yet. When we connect to nature, we explore picturesque mountains, places of natural beauty, making the environment beautiful and many other things. Having all this in life provides refreshment to our soul and body. Their mission is to spread awareness about nature and life in wilderness. They conduct social visits and eco-friendly treks for poor and underprivileged children. They believe “Living with nature, away from the city life, gives new encouragement for life,” and HTC is a volunteer-based club.

Wildwoods Adventure
Wildwoods Adventure located in the city is providing adventure activities since 1996. Their members are trained in national reputed institutions like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) at Darjeeling, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) at Uttarkashi and DMAS at Manali. They conduct 1 Day / 2 Days & 1 Night Adventure Camps for the corporate, collage, schools or anyone interested in this sport (but need a minimum of 20 members in the group). #KhabarLive

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