If it’s in our coverage area — it will find its way home to you. Don’t find your favourite restaurant in our listing? No worries! All you need to do is search for it on the map and set as location. Easy as one, two, DUN! And that was introduced by the food ordering app – Dunzo. And thanks to such apps, because now people like me can relax at home while we get food delivered at our doorstep from the best restaurants in Hyderabad.

Elaborate home-cooked meals are making way for app-based food delivery services on weekends. On a Sunday afternoon, the scene outside Bawarchi at Musheerabad is abuzz; not anything like that of a leisurely Sunday. The traffic aside, men are seen dashing in and out of the restaurant with white packets sporting the restaurant’s name on them. As soon as they go, they are replaced by men of delivery.

These are the ‘hunger saviours’; in other words, food delivery executives who work for various app-based services. Their schedules reflect the face of weekend dining patterns. Such is the demand that some restaurants have opened separate food pick-up windows for delivery executives in order to keep their restaurant space free of crowds

Some restaurants also sign up with apps for food delivery only on weekends owing to the high demand then. “This, however, works mostly in residential areas. The demand for home delivery on weekends is on the rise and I have noticed that trend in my restaurant too,” says Sravanti Anand, owner, Nawabi Palate at Somajiguda.

Family preferences
Getting food delivered at home is no more a thing for just singletons or those going to work. Homemakers too are utilising the option to take a much-needed break from the kitchen. So why do diners prefer home delivery over visiting the restaurant? “Traffic and parking concerns top the list of concerns,” says Uttam Kumar, an interior designer.

Families prefer using these food ordering apps to order rather than queue up in front of meat shops in preparation of that special leisurely meal. The concept is about leisure dining without the hassle of spending long hours in the kitchen to cook an elaborate spread for the family. “Being in a weekend mood, everyone in the family wants to have food of their own choice. In such situations the best option is to order from multiple places and enjoy a big spread,” says Manisha S, a homemaker and private tutor. Manisha loves her time out of the kitchen; she now spends her weekends tending to her kitchen garden.

On the downside, the closure of U-turns and seemingly never-ending road dividers result in ‘out of serviceable area’ responses.

The world is moving towards a hyperlocal delivery setup wherein provide a platform to the local business and help them reach their target audience. These services are getting popular across India. The has one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad are present in metros like Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and so on. With the help of this app, you can order anything from food to groceries to pet supplies from any store you want. Here are a few reasons why you must try Dunzo.

  • – No Minimum Order policy – whether you are ordering a pen worth Rs.5 or pizza for Rs.500, they’ll deliver everything.
  • – 24×7 Service – Want to send gifts to your loved one at midnight, they’ll deliver it.
  • – 60 Minutes Delivery – Dunzo also boasts of 60 minutes delivery which is pretty good especially for your emergency medical supplies.

Growing Trend
App-based food delivery services begin delivery services from the morning on weekends, especially on Sundays. “Hyderabad is one of our strongest markets and fastest-growing cities. We saw a weekday-to-weekend jump of 40% last weekend. The overall growth trends have also been fantastic. While the top cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad — are growing really fast, growth in the tier-II and tier-III cities has also been truly encouraging in business. 

Restaurant owners aren’t complaining “The increase in demand is good for business. But without a competitive team and strong kitchen things can go haywire. On Sunday most of my staff is in unless it is an emergency and apart from our regular customers, the steady flow of delivery boys keeps us on our toes,” says Khalil Ahmed, Zaika-e-Hyderabadi.

As per a statement on Hyderabad, they have consistently seen an increase in the number of daily orders with a 32% increase in orders on weekends.

Dunzo is a highly successful concierge app, launched in 2016. Started simply as a WhatsApp group, the company has since seen remarkable success, even becoming the first company in which Google made a direct investment in 2017. Dunzo started from Bengaluru and has now expanded to six cities, and began operations in Hyderabad on October 2018.

The mantra behind the app, Varun Reddy, Dunzo’s Hyderabad city lead, says is that “delivery partners, who are available 24×7, will walk into any location, pickup or buy stuff and deliver it to you. [With] this accessibility to anything in the city […] you’re not constrained by any distance limits, or a limited selection of stores, allowing you to literally get anything from anywhere.”

Those who order regularly through app-based food delivery services will notice higher traffic on delivery sites during lunch hours. Some even know the best time to order in order to avoid delays. “The best way to get the fastest delivery is to check the sites and decide the place. Then remember the time when the restaurant of choice starts taking orders,” says Dipti Kumar, a regular Dunzo user.

Now that trick is shared, get going and feast with the click of a button. #KhabarLive

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