The Affiliate Marketing is a Techniques of Online Earnings by selling the products on your Internet Platforms (like Blogging or Website, YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platforms), and in return, you will get a bonus or profit of some percent of the total cost of the product.

In Affiliate Marketing you have multiple choices like Selling Products, Promotion of a Product, Advertisement of a Product, and many more things.

Affiliate Marketing is the Best online trick in 2020. You can earn 50$ per day to 10,000$ per day in Affiliate Marketing or by making use of it. A beginner can earn up to 50$ per day whereas an Expert in Affiliate Marketing can earn up to 2000$ to 5000$ per day depending on your skills and experience of work.

People Involve In Affiliate Marketing

There is 3 Category of People that are involved Affiliate Marketing.

1- Affiliate

In Affiliate Marketing if you are selling the product of an Affiliate Marketing Program like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc… then you are an Affiliate.

Affiliate means to join or connect. You are joining or connecting Amazon or Flipkart or eBay to sell their products on your platform then you are an Affiliate. An Affiliate is a medium between a Merchant and a Consumer. It refers the merchant’s products to the consumers to purchase.


Merchant means the owner of big or multinational companies whose product you want to sell. These are the owners of the products. It can be anyone who wants to sell their products by giving you some profits.

3- Consumer

Those people who purchase or buy the products or items through you(affiliate). Consumers buy the items through affiliate either through a link or any other methods. This is the after merchant and affiliate.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works

In Affiliate Marketing you have chosen a product or many to sell it or to advertise it or to promote it OR you can do all of them together. You can choose any affiliate program to start earnings. Depending on your skill and work you will get paid.   You will get paid according to the following criteria. Here is some idea for How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

1- By Selling Products

In Affiliate Marketing you can earn by sell products and you will get a few percent of the total cost of the product.

For example, You are selling a product that costs is 100$ then you will get 2 to 5% commission depending on the product or deal. It means you can earn 2 to 5% on selling a single item.

Many Affiliate Programs pay more than 20% for selling their products. It means if product cost is 1000$ then you can earn up to 20 to 25$ by selling an item.

2- By Promoting A Product

In Affiliate Marketing you can also earn by Promoting a Product. It means you have to tell your audience that the product is nice and you have to persuade them to purchase that product.

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In the Promotion of a Product, your earnings depend on your audience or visitors to your blog or YouTube Channel (want to rank your youtube channel ?), or Instagram page. For example, if you are running a website and your monthly visitors are between 30,000 to 50,000 then you can charge for 300$ to 500$ per month. If you have an Instagram account with 50 K followers then you can charge for 20$ to 30$ per day for promoting a product.

3- By Advertising A Product

In Affiliate Marketing you can also earn by advertising a product or company or website or any product and you can charge for the advertisement.  It can continue for months or years depending on your deals.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

1- Create a website and choose a perfect niche for your website.

2- Starts posting articles on your website regularly.

3-Collect your audience and drive or grow heavy traffic on your website.

4- Rank your website by doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your Website.

5- Now, choose an Affiliate Program related to your niche and make a better deal.

6- Start selling products on your website and earn profits.

For example, If your website niche is related to gaming then you can sell or promote gaming products like emulators, best gaming laptops, joysticks, and many more gaming-related products.   And if your website is related to health then you can sell products like medicines, proteins, coconut oil, yoga kits, etc.

For any website, a backlink is very important without backlinks no one can rank on the first page of Google, and neither can get heavy traffic on their blog. So first of all try to know How to create backlinks?

How To Start Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

1- Create a personal account on Instagram and choose a niche like Body Buildings, education, motivational quotes, fashion, etc…

2-Post at least 4 posts daily and try to collect a huge follower on your account.

3-Join affiliate programs related to niches and make the best deal with them.

4-Starts selling a product through Instagram and earn huge money by advertising a product  and promoting new accounts of professionals.

Best Affiliate Programs For 2021

Here are few Best Affiliate Marketing Companies you can contact with. Each and Every Affiliate Programs have their own scheme for their affiliates and some have fixed their bonus. So you can choose any one of them.

1- Amazon

2- ShareASale




6- Awin


8-Click Bank


10-Partner Stack

11- Traget

12- Bluehost


14-Flex offers

15-Max Bounty


In the past few years, Affiliate Marketing Jobs is increasing day by day as they can be used as Part-time jobs. Many Students use affiliate marketing to earn money and do it as a part-time job and as they succeed in blogging and affiliate marketing then they make it a full-time job.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

1- First of all create a website or Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform where you can grow your audience. You can use quora too.

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2-Work on your platform daily.   For example- If you are a blogger then post an article daily and rank your website on Google Search Engine. If you are on Instagram then upload a post on a daily basis so that your audience and followers could join you OR connect with you all the time so that when you post a link of any product then an interested person could buy it.

3- Choose your product to promote and sell it. And if your audience is more then try to sell those products whose profit percent is very high.

4-Always go through the best videos and contents of affiliate marketing.

5-Keep updated with new technology and affiliate programs.

6-Always make researches on Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs.

7-Never depends or relies on any single Affiliate Programs. If you want to become an Affiliate Marketer then read the following points–

Why Affiliate Marketing?

1- You should know that why most people go for affiliate marketing rather than any other platform. There is only a single reason why most people go for Affiliate Marketing and that is money.

2- Affiliate Marketing is such type of marketing which you can be handle from any place that you want it may be your home, hilly areas, foreign country anywhere but the important is your PC and Internet connection.

3- Affiliate Marketing will give you better earnings than any other methods let’s understand it with an example. Suppose you are running a website with 40,000 to 50,000 visitors per month and you are earning 150$ to 200$ with Google AdSense. And if you use the Affiliate Marketing program on your website then you can earn up to 600$ to 800$ per month. It is very easy to know that How to Get AdSense Approval.

4- There is a famous quote of Affiliate Marketing ” In affiliate marketing, you are earning while you are sleeping”.

5- This quote is true and inspiring. You can through interview videos of any blogger and they reveal that their 70% earnings are through Affiliate Marketing and their earnings is up to 8000$ to 15,000$ monthly, Now you can see the difference and can choose which is better???

6-This is the reason Why Affiliate Marketing is Best in the market of business. The research said that Affiliate Marketing will have explosive growth till 2026 and will be in high demand in digital marketing.

7-It always easy to handle and you don’t have to depend on others to grow your business and you can also do it as a part-time job further in a full-time carrier if you get succeed.

8- The demands for Affiliate Marketing will never be exhausted as it is continuously increasing and in demand. Many companies with their new courses come in the market and they use Affiliates to promote and sell their products easily.

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For example- Someone launch an online course that is very well and good and he didn’t find any customer then he/she will contact an Affiliate that has a huge Audience and make a deal for selling his online course. Now Affiliate will promote and Sell his online course and in return get huge profits.

Salary In Affiliate Marketing

The salary of Affiliate Marketers is quite high. If you are taking an example of a blog then a blogger can earn up to 3000$ to $4500$ per month with affiliate marketing.

As you have read all about affiliate marketing above. Now suppose if you are getting 50 K traffic per month on your blog then you can 500$ to 800$ per month.   If you are getting more traffic than 50 K like 100 K to 200 K then you can simply earn 1500$ to 2000$ per month.   You don’t have to rely on Google Adsense. In fact Affiliate Marketing is 10 times better than Google AdSense. Want to drive traffic on your blog?

In Affiliate Marketing your earnings are mostly dependent upon your works and consistency. If you are working with consistency then you can take your income in Millions too.

Tips For Affiliate Marketing

1- Always use those affiliate products on your blog which is related to your contents.

2- Don’t use costly products. It means use that product whose cost is low and easily affordable by the viewers.

For example- You have used a product whose cost is 1000$ it looks costly and viewers think a lot before purchasing this product and it may be possible that they don’t have such an amount of money.  And if the cost of the product is 100$ then anyone can easily purchase the product without much thinking.

3- Use a maximum of 2 affiliate products on any blog. Because if post more affiliate product advertisement then it may feel irritating for the viewers and he/she may leave your page suddenly.

4- Always go for those Affiliate Programs which give you a high percentage of the profit on a single product.    For example- If you are joining an affiliate program A which will give you 5% profit on a single product sale and there is another affiliate B program that will give you 8% profit on the same product. Then go and join affiliate program B.

5- Always looks for new affiliate programs as they will give you high percent of profit than the old one.

For example- If there are 2 affiliate programs A and B in which A is much older and B is new in the market. Now if you join affiliate program A then it will give you a profit a few percent less than B as they are older and there must be some customers. While A is new in the market with zero customers and surely it will pay you more. #KhabarLive #hydnews


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