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Many corporate schools in Andhra Pradesh is in dilemma to run the schools or not due to the improvising standards of school education by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Many students are flocking to government schools for free education with perks leaving the costly corporate schools.

Corporate schools in Andhra Pradesh that are known for looting the public, charging lakhs of rupees as fee, are now facing big trouble in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule. Recently a corporate school announced a holiday and called for a strike.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is improving the standards of government schools and uprooting the corporate schools from the state. He said that he would make all the children go to government schools if he comes to power and now he is doing the same. Everything is happening level by level.

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Right now many parents are sending their children to government schools and receiving the Vidya Kanuka kits as well. This year the government has gifted everyone with a dictionary and from next year, it promised sports shoes and dresses. With this the children and the parents are happy with the government education. This is a welcoming step towards the prosperity of government schools.

As long as the facilities are good and the teaching is free of cost parents tend to send their children to such schools. As a bonus, if the uniforms, books and shoes are also free it unburdens a lot for the parents.

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All these years there is an opinion that only the poor children come to government schools while the middle class will go to private schools. But the situation changed. Even the middle class parents are sending their children to government schools.

As the private schools are not coming down with fees even in the case of online classes, many parents have decided to send their children to government schools. They are asking why they should lose the benefit of free bags, shoes and books from the government.

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Now the private corporate schools are in a dilemma. They cannot compete with the government in offering free education facilities. So very soon they may be on the verge of shutting down. Right now these corporate schools are in the point blank range of the government.

The plans of corporate school management ae completely flopped in the state where as the same corporate schools are flourishing in neighbour Telangana state with relaxed norms. Let’s see the fate of corporate schools in AP. #KhabarLive #hydnews