“Agar Congress Na Hoti… Tukde Tukde party…” These were some of the expressions that were used as missile words by the BJP-Congress during the reply to motion of thanks to Presidents address in Parliament. Not just that, there was a passing reference to how Congress party had passed the AP State’s Reorganisation Bill-2014.

People in general and TRS activists in particular vented their ire at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tendentious remarks on the creation of Telangana by resorting to widespread protests across the state. They burnt effigies of the Prime Minister; took out bike rallies; and raised slogans such as ‘Jai Telangana’, ‘Modi down down’ and ‘BJP down down.

Maintaining that the Prime Minister had insulted Telangana people’s movement, hundreds of TRS cadre hit the streets in all the 33 districts of the state. The protests took place mainly in the Assembly constituencies and mandal headquarters.

In Hyderabad, TRS leaders along with students staged a demonstration at Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial at Gun Park and released black balloons into the sky. TRS MPs held a protest at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi on Parliament premises and raised slogans against Modi and the BJP. The youth wing of TRS staged a protest at Osmania University Arts College. TRS leaders said that people of Telangana had come together to unanimously reject Modi remarks on the formation of Telangana. They noted that the Prime Minister’s insensitivity towards the Telangana had hurt the feelings of the state’s people, particularly the families of martyrs who had made the supreme sacrifice fighting for the grant of statehood to

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Netizens posting from Telangana on social media also reflected their outrage at Prime Minister Modi’s remarks on Telangana in Parliament. With the hashtag #ModiEnemyOfTelangana on Twitter as a platform they expressed their anger. In just one hour, more than 25,000 people in Telangana expressed their protest through this hashtag, which trended at number1 position across the country.

Meanwhile, the TRS Parliamentary Party leader Dr K. Keshava Rao has stated that they will examine the possibility of moving a privilege motion against Prime Minister Modi alleging that he had breached the privileges of the House by making comments on the way the Telangana Bill was passed.

While the AICC and its leaders perhaps realised that there was not much scope for agitation or they must have felt it would be of no use making too big an issue of the Prime Minister’s remarks because it is difficult to match the oratory of Modi, in Telangana the politics have hit such a low that the two parties Congress and TRS are making much ado about nothing. “PM is spitting venom against Telangana”. “Where was federalism when BJP at Centre merged 7 mandals and Lower Sileru project?”… and so on.

The first time MP and TPCC president, A Revanth Reddy, says, “Modi is illiterate, doesn’t know the rules of Parliament and how a bill is passed. He does not know the history of Telangana.” God save the Congress. Modi was CM for 13 years and has been the leader of Lok Sabha since 2014. Modi does not know rules, a first MP is explaining it. He has proved he is no different from the AICC vice-president in making naïve statements.

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What won’t Congress and TRS simply accept the reality? Telangana has been achieved, according to the pink party it is on fast track development. People are very happy. Then why cry so much when Modi referred to what happened on that day. It is a recorded fact that such a major bill was passed by voice vote. No division had taken place. No discussion was there. Yes, it is a fact that Congress members from AP sprayed pepper spray.

It is a fact that there were some fisticuffs in the house and a member fell unconscious. It is a fact that lights were switched off and live telecast cut off. It is a fact that the bill which normally takes at least two to three hours to complete the process of passing or rejecting was over in 22 minutes. It is also a fact that KCR was not present in the house. Let us be very clear. No one is opposing the formation of Telangana. Proper procedure was not followed.

All this is history which is just eight years old. Leaders cannot be so myopic in their view and the memory cannot be so short. Trying to utilise a statement of fact to rake up sentiments for narrow political gains is rather very unfortunate. “Where was federalism when 7 mandals were merged with Andhra Pradesh” … Is one criticism. Federalism does not mean that it exists only if something is given to you and does not exist if it is given to others. The irony is that those who opposed bifurcation when in TDP are now holding important positions in TRS and leading agitations.

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But then BJP too, cannot escape from its responsibility. Agreed Congress had done a lot of mistakes. But the government is a continuous process. Why didn’t the BJP government take necessary corrective measures and help both the Telugu States and implement the promises made in the AP State Re-Organisation Act 2014? It failed to give the special category status to Andhra Pradesh. The special package had several clauses like forming a special purpose vehicle etc. It has not resolved the inter-state water dispute till now. The Act promised Bayyaram steel plant, coach factory at Kazipet… all that the BJP government at Centre ignored.

BJP also should not forget what Sushma Swaraj had said then.. Telangana became a reality because the BJP cooperated. It means both the Congress and the BJP should share the blame for the unscientific manner in which the bifurcation was done.

Unfortunately, no leader is thinking in broader terms. The main reason for igniting the fire by Modi is Target 2024 elections. That’s all! #KhabarLive #hydnews

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