The fully charged Governor of Telangana cleared the political confusion of anti-constitutional act for conducting Friday’s Mahila durbar at Rajbhavan in Hyderabad.

The first ‘mahila darbar’ by Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan has stirred up political heat and, at the same time, it provided a platform for the unheard voices to voice their woes.

Friday’s mahila darbar was attended by over 500 people who felt that this kind of darbars were very much needed so that women can express their concerns.

Women from different walks of life poured out their woes related to illegal occupation of their properties, job issues, transfers, police cases and lackadaisical attitude of officials in resolving their problems. Women activists suggested that women police stations be set up and martial arts be made compulsory for girls in educational institutions along with incorporating moral science lessons in school syllabus.

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The Governor, who expressed her anguish over the recent incident of gangrape of a minor girl and other such incidents, made it clear that she would be holding such darbars frequently.

Replying to a question by the media, she said, “No one can stop her from conducting mahila darbar.” She said her heart bleeds seeing the sufferings of minor girls and women in the state.

The Governor has made it clear that holding a darbar has no political intentions. The darbar is being held only out of concern for the affected women and minor girls. By holding the darbar, she said, she wanted to reach out to the state government and the Chief Minister. It may be recalled that the Chief Minister and the Governor did not have any meeting ever since the TRS has turned hostile towards the Centre and they even alleged that she was using Raj Bhavan for political activities.

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Replying to another question, the Governor said that though she had called for a report on the gangrape incident recently, so far there has been no response from them. She said she would stand by the women victims and help the needy.

She felt the government should be proactive and should change its style of functioning.

Stating that she is playing a catalyst role between the government and the people to resolve the public issues, Tamilisai said: “I am not a controversial person. I want to bring people issues to the notice of the government.” Being the highest constitutional authority, the Governor said she was trying to be the voice of the people. All the petitions and memoranda received from women will be forwarded to the government with a request to address them on a priority basis, she said. “When women are in distress, I cannot sit idle,” she said. #KhabarLive #hydnews