Since its launch in April 2018, Honda Activa 5G has been a suitable choice for many scooter lovers in the country. While searching for an affordable two-wheeler loaded with features, the first name that comes to mind is Honda Activa. 

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Considering its spacious storage capacity and super mileage, people often choose this scooter as a convenient option. Keep reading to know more about the benefits of this non-geared two-wheeler.

Reasons to Buy the Activa 5G

Several reasons may compel a buyer to opt for this scooter. Here are the five best reasons that set it apart from any other scooty in this range:

  1. Mileage

Being one of the best fuel-efficient scooters in this range, Honda Activa 5G offers a mileage between 55-60 kmph. This model comes with the HET technology, optimised for low fuel consumption and superior mileage. Since mileage is one of the most crucial factors buyers consider while buying a scooty, the Honda Activa 5G can be the best choice. 

  1. Engine reliability

With a capacity of 109.2cc, this scooter offers a smooth engine performance with low noise. Being featured with proper ventilation, the engine cools down faster without any risk of overheating. 

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  1. Build quality
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A complete metal body scooter in this range is next to impossible; however, Activa 5G made it possible. The solid-built body protects this two-wheeler from extreme weather conditions and ensures its durability. 

  1. Storage

It comes with a boot space of 18 litres, considered spacious enough for a scooter. Considering this built-in space, Activa 5G is preferred by several delivery agents to store their deliverable items securely. Moreover, it has a hook on the footboard that helps hang bags. Therefore, this scooter is ideal for your luggage. 

  1. Low maintenance

One of the best features of this scooter is that it does not require huge maintenance. A periodical oil change and belt check-up are enough to maintain its optimal performance. Moreover, the servicing charges for this two-wheeler can fit your budget.

Therefore, Activa 5G is undoubtedly a convenient option in an affordable range. However, while opting for any vehicle, one must ensure his and other commuters’ safety. Therefore, an insurance plan tops the priority list while purchasing a two-wheeler. Continue reading the latter section to know the best insurance plans for your Activa 5G.

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Opt For a Suitable Activa 5G Insurance Plan

The Honda Activa 5G comes with advanced technological features, yet no vehicle is excluded from unforeseen mishaps. Moreover, according to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 1988, any vehicle without a third-party insurance policy is subjected to penalties. 

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Therefore, opting for an insurance policy is the next smart move after purchasing the scooter. There are two types of insurance policies for a two-wheeler: comprehensive and third-party.

Here are the coverages you receive from the Honda Activa insurance policy:

  • Damages caused due to accidents
  • If your scooter is stolen
  • Damages caused by fire
  • If you are injured in an accident
  • Damages caused due to natural calamities
  • Liabilities to third-party property or person

Thus, opting for a comprehensive insurance policy can also cover the vehicle and third-party damages. 

Although the Activa 5G comes with a not-so-pricey tag, one can opt for a bike loan to make the purchase more comfortable and easy. Check out the reasons why one should opt for a bike loan!

Opt For a Bike Loan to Fund Activa 5G Purchase

Bike loans save one from paying a massive chunk of money upfront while buying a bike or scooty. It is unpredictable when one may require financial backup to cover unforeseen mishaps. Therefore, without spending the cash, one can opt for a bike loan for the quickest and easiest purchase.

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Here are the benefits of obtaining a bike loan to fund your purchase:

  • A bike loan reduces one’s financial burden and helps to keep their savings secure.
  • On-time EMI payments help in improving credit scores.
  • Collaboration of loan provider and bike dealer offers additional benefits such as zero registration fee, insurance cover, discounts, etc.

Applying for a bike loan is no more a difficult job. One can use a bike loan EMI calculator to check the monthly instalment and plan the finances accordingly.

Honda Activa 5G scooter can be a great choice considering all the mentioned factors. Moreover, you can opt for a bike loan to make an easy purchase. Buyers should, however, not forget to get an insurance policy for their bikes and scooty. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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