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‍‍‍‍‍Even though the new academic year has been underway for three months, along with some government schools, many private schools are still experiencing a staffing and textbook shortage in Telangana. Around 20 to 25 percent of seats are open at every private school, especially in the upper classes. Additionally, all classes still need text books.

Private school teachers in Hyderabad claim that several private schools fired a few teachers during the Covid lockout. Teachers choose to pursue other professions in order to have sustainability because they were paid less and had little job stability.

On the condition of anonymity, aprivate school teacher from Vikarabad, said, “It has been almost three months, but the teachers requirement has not being done yet have passed yet there is a requirement of teaching staff. Our school lacks teachers for higher classes for Math and Science in my school.

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“Last year due to pandemic, classes were conducted online and we somehow managed but this year, as classes are been conducted physically it is giving us a burden as we have to conduct more number of classes. We are forced to take the different subjects in which we are not experienced. The school management is least bothered to appoint experienced teachers,” She added.

Sharadamma, an English teacher of a private school, said in Sangareddy, “Due to lack of particular subject teachers in our school, sometimes we are forced to make students of the different classes sit in a single room. Due to non-the availability of teachers, additional burden is falling on us. This crunch is also affecting students’ career.”

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Shabbir Ali, President, Telangana Private Teachers’ Forum, said, “In every private school there is a shortage of teaching staff and even some schools are functioning without principle.”

“Few schools are also functioning with non-qualified teachers. In these two years, 30 percent of teachers have changed their fields due to financial and mental problems due to the pandemic. As a result, the management is only functioning the schools with the graduates. Although the management is looking for qualified teachers, the teachers are afraid that they will face the same situation again.” He added.

“Many have given up because of a lack of assurance from the school management. Due to the shortage of teachers children’s futures are at stake.” Shabbir said

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“It will be better if the Education department takes action on the private schools that are functioning with non-trained teachers and also should pass strict odder of recruiting teaching staff in the schools.” He asserted.

Whereas, the text books which is being provided by government to all schools are still not fully able to supply despite several hue and cry from educational institutions.

Telangana government has to take serious step on supply of books and support to privatr schools for teachers appointments. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hyderabadlive #hyderabadi