With increasing medical expenses, having a health insurance has become highly essential. If you do not have one, chances are immense that you may end up spending huge amounts of money in case of adversities.

Here are 8 key points that will help you to choose health insurance that resonates with your preferences. 

Understand your healthcare needs

Analysing your and your family’s needs can help you gain clarity on buying the right health insurance plan. Make a note of factors such as age, chronic diseases, overall health condition, any anticipated medical procedures, etc. Doing this will help you to determine the level of coverage you require and if you require additional benefits such as maternity coverage, dental or vision care, etc. 

Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

The medical costs incurred before the patient is hospitalised such as diagnostics and doctor’s consultation are pre-hospitalisation expenses. Post hospitalisation expenses may include medical bills, treatments that follow a medical stay and other additional expenses mentioned. Different policy providers cover different numbers of days for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses. Make sure to compare various plans as per this point. 

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Co-payment is a cost-sharing feature in health insurance where the policyholder pays a percentage of the medical expenses and the insurer covers the rest. This distributes the financial burden between the insured individual and the insurance provider and reduces your health insurance premiums. The co-pay feature is not compulsory and can be opted by individuals who are looking for affordable health insurance plans.  


Make sure to assess the exclusion section of your policy to avoid misunderstanding at the time of claim. Opt for a policy that has minimum and well defined exclusions. You can check out ICICI Lombard online insurance to secure health expenses with a policy that comes with the least exclusions. 

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No Claim Bonus

If the policyholder does not file any claim during the policy period, the insurance provider pays them a reward as no claim bonus (NBC). This results in reduced premiums or increased coverage limits in subsequent policy years. Eventually, this results in policyholders saving insurance costs and maintaining comprehensive health coverage. Hence it is a valuable aspect to consider while buying health insurance. 


Although the premium to be paid is an essential aspect while buying a policy, it should not be the only thing you should consider as you may buy online insurance for health with a low premium but may later discover that it doesn’t include many features that might cause problems while making a claim. Many times, people discover later that their cause of hospitalisation was not covered in the policy which leads to unprecedented expense.

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Pre-existing disease cover

The diseases that you are suffering from before buying the policy are pre-existing diseases that the policyholder doesn’t cover from the beginning of your policy. Instead, policy providers have waiting periods of 2-4 years during which they are not responsible for any claims due to pre-existing illness. Therefore, you should look for a policy that has the shortest waiting periods and covers your existing illness. 

Claim Process

It is vital to compare various health insurance policies based on the claim process. Understanding the claim process of insurance will help you find an ideal policy. Look for a claim process with a simple procedure and a quick settlement process. Additionally, good customer support will be an add-on for an ideal health insurance policy. ■ #hydnews #khabarlive #hydkhabar