A unique ‘New Year 2023’ bashe meant for Hyderabadis going for novel ways to ring in the new year bells. From attending meditation sessions to keeping silence and playing less crackers at the stroke of midnight for a “peaceful’’ 2023, to hosting parties at home to beat the recession, denizens have no regrets giving high profile does a miss this year.

Source: KhabarLive News Group

At the stroke of midnight on December 31, various pockets in the city would wake up to the lilting notes of not some Bollywood chartbusters but those of bhajans as many in the city are choosing to usher in the New Year on a sombre spiritual note. And, hold your breath, most of the participants are the young and the restless finding peace in a session of meditation for a “mental bath’’ they say they so badly need.

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It’s that time of the year again where people celebrate, make promises to themselves, start being hopeful and try and get reservations to drink over-priced alcohol because 365 days have gone by and the Earth has completed one full circle around the Sun (come on guys, it literally happens every year, we need to stop being surprised by it).

But despite a cliched and obvious end to the year, nothing else about this year was normal. It was better than 2020, sure, but that’s because everything is better than 2020 — except the ‘fanta maggi’ that is doing the rounds these days.

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Hyderabad is an old city of myriad charms, making a steady foray into the modern world, while keeping its heritage in toes. Parties in Hyderabad are not unheard of, especially during festivities, when the city is adorned in colours. It is quite a spectacle.

It is really this uniqueness in its character that allows the city to stand as an example of excellence. If you are in Hyderabad, or if you are looking for the best 2020 new year events in Hyderabad, here is the only guide that you will need for it all.

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New Year’s this year can be a lot more fun with parties in Hyderabad. Between the kebabs, and the biryanis, there is some tremendous scope for parties. So, we have made a list for you to guide you through this year’s New Year’s bashes in the city. Take a look, and take your best pick. Do remember to call beforehand and make your reservations, because it can get really very crowded. #KhabarLive #hydnews #hydlive